EXCLUSIVE Tony Stockwell Interview

Tony Stockwell

Rose, the Marketing and Events Coordinator was fortunate enough to get an EXCLUSIVE interview with world renowned medium Tony Stockwell. Listen HERE . We do apologise for the echo in the video, but hope that you enjoy listening to Tony discuss all things Spiritualism, and what you can expect from his weekend teaching at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

We are thrilled to welcome back Tony Stockwell for a weekend of Trance and a very special Demonstration of Mediumship. The weekend starts on 7th July with Tony’s Trance Workshop, and ends on the 9th.
Tony’s Demonstration will be held at the larger venue – Augustine United Church, due to ticket demand, on Saturday 8th July. There are still tickets available. Go to 0131 625 0700 or CLICK HERE  to buy tickets online.

Healing – energy captured on camera!

Before healing takes place.

Gordon Smith recently visited The Centre this weekend to conduct Module 2 of his successful Foundation Course.  Assisted by Ann Treherne, she captured the moment on a special BioEnergy Camera when healing was being administered to Fraser, one of the students.

Healing begins.



These remarkable pictures show a transformation in the energy/aura around the recipient and a stream of white light being transferred from the healer (Gordon) to the recipient (Fraser).

Healing comes to an end.


Observe the white light now appearing around the healers right hand and on the recipients shoulder.

Private Sittings with the Aura Camera now available at The Centre,only £40.  Call 0131 625 0700 to book.

EXCLUSIVE Paul Jacobs Interview

In an exclusive interview with Rose, our Marketing and Events Coordinator at the centre, world renowned medium Paul Jacobs sat down with us to tell of his first experience with Spiritualism, how he dealt with it growing up, and gives us some tips on what to expect if you’ve never been to a demonstration before.

Paul has recently visited the centre to give his workshop on Progressive Mediumship. He will be returning in September to complete the 5 day workshop.

The centre would like to thank Paul for taking time out of his day to give this exclusive interview.

Bernard Carr’s Tuesday Talk

The centre was thrilled to welcome back Bernard Carr on Tuesday 2nd May to give a talk on ‘Making Space and Time for Mind and Spirit’, to a very perceptive and engaged audience.

Carr is Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary, University of London. He studied for his PhD under Stephen Hawking at Cambridge. His professional area of research is cosmology and astrophysics and includes such topics as the early universe, black holes, dark matter and the anthropic principle. His recent books include “Universe or Multiverse?” and “Quantum Black Holes”. He also has a long-standing interest in psychical research, the role of consciousness in the universe and the link between science and spirituality, which was one of the many themes of Carr’s talk.

Carr goes on to talk about his relationship with Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, and Parapsychology, to name a few of the many interesting topics he delved in to.

You can watch part of his talk here!




Open Day at The Centre!

Open Day

The staff are getting prepared for our Open Day on Saturday May 13th! The event will start at 11am until 3pm.

We have got a fantastic programme of events lined up to suit everybody. We have Mini Private Sittings (book now), Taster Therapies ranging from Reiki to Reflexology and Trance Healing to Kinesiology, an Exhibitors Fair, Open Studios, Live Talks on Chess, Nutrition, the Paranormal, Wellbeing and Systemic Therapy, plus Historic Tours.

Don’t forget about our Sherlock Holmes Tearoom! The staff will be serving that much needed slice of cake and cuppa’ all day.

Go to our Facebook page and share our post to be in with a chance to win a Private Sitting!

June Field is coming !

June is known as “The Worlds Best Psychic” after participating and winning the “International Battle of the Psychics” show which was aired and viewed by 34 million people. She has amazed audiences with her specific contacts and evidence that our loved ones are still with us. She also appeared in their “Psychic Detective” show and described a serial killer in very specific detail who was recently caught. He stated that she was 99.9% accurate with his description.

June Field

Celebrity Reader

June has read many celebrities worldwide including:

Actress/Singer  – Claire Sweeney (predicted pregnancy, sex of baby and birth month)
Actor – John Thomson (Cold Feet)
Singer – Owen Paul
Comedienne – Katie Robbins
Singer – Rumor
Author – Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island)
Housewives of Orange County – Vicki Gulvanson
Fellow Sunday Post Columnist –  Ross King
And many others..

Successful Medium Columnist

She is also Resident Psychic of The Sunday Post Newspaper where she answers letters and gives evidence and comfort to people from all over the world. Having been born with the gift of sight she proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that life goes on by allowing loved ones to cross over and connect through her to their loved ones present.

Demonstration of Mediumship

This evening promises to be of high energy, full of compassion and filled with laughter and tears but most of all evidence that your loved ones walk unseen by your side. June Field will be hosting an expectional Demonstration of Mediumship in our larger venue, Augustine United Church (41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL), where you will be able to witness her incredible talent! Don’t miss this extraordinary event, last tickets available so book now before it’s too late!!

Book online here

or call 0131 625 0700 NOW to book your tickets!

Online Wedding Brochure

Once again, new year means new projects and new adventure. As some might already know, the Centre is launching again its wedding offer/package and has just finished rebranding its venue.

New Online Brochure

As well as a print wedding brochure already available at The Centre, there is a new, updated Digital Brochure available. With more photos, the digital version is regularly updated with the latest info so that you can start organising you perfect wedding straightaway!


wedding brochure front page

Edinburgh Yoga Festival – at the Centre !

The Centre is proud to be joining and supporting the second edition of the ‘Pay It Forward’ Edinburgh Yoga Festival. All donations received during the festival will go to help community projects throughout Edinburgh run by the Charity Comas and the Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach programme.

Edinburgh Yoga Festival

Edinburgh Yoga Festival for Charity

Yoga Classes will be taught throughout the week by various teachers in various studio and venues. The festival will be held from Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th February. Venues like the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre will be participating by offering their space for free during the festival so that 100% of the revenue from the classes goes toward the charities’ outreach projects.

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre joins the ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative

The idea of this one-of-a-kind festival is that venue and yoga teacher all work together for free and the money generated from the classes’ participants goes toward the different yoga outreach projects led by the Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach programme and the charity Comas Scotland. That means 100% profit to help reach community in needs. That includes organising special yoga classes or different yoga teachers coming to places that wouldn’t have access to such classes otherwise, to transmit and share their knowledge.

Join Edinburgh Yoga Festival for a good cause

All donations will go to support Comas Scotland & Edinburgh Community Yoga programmes throughout the year so join the movement & help a good cause ! See programme here: https://www.edyogafest.co.uk/studios and come along to the class of your choice. Get some relaxing time and help a good cause at the same time!