Chess Therapy ‘Chess Life’

Michael Lahmans

“Chess cultivates severity and strong spirit in the person.
Chess protects the person from making the wrong decisions and actions.
Chess consists of huge history and secrets.
Chess affects on the person development and helps him to find life purpose.” Mihails Lahmans

With more than 7 years practice with children in boarding schools, children with cancer and children with varying disabilities, Mihails is currently working with these children and their parents to ensure they accept what can happen in the kids future – thus searching for life’s purpose. “Chess as a Life Model” is Mihails’s personal program which gives him the opportunity to work with all kinds of people including people with learning difficulties and disabilities.

The project received a Grant from the European Union of “Agency for International Programs for Youth” and got support from the “Princes Trust”  in Scotland.

Mihails offers chess programs for Chess Logochildren (from ages 4-5 years old) and adults, varying from chess lessons, chess fairy tales, work with mandalas and exercises in calligraphy elements. Classes are held in English, and conversations with parents are held 1-2 times a month to discuss the children’s development.

For young boys and girls there are chess occupations; developing an individual manner of a game, to show and train the children how the moves on the board can replicate their real life through the game of chess.

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