The Sherlock Holmes Tearoom

The Sherlock Holmes Tearoom is located in the Edinburgh West End, just minutes away from the Haymarket train station and a short 10min walk from the famous Princes Street. The Tearoom is open Monday – Friday, from 10am until 3pm and is run by our amazing volunteers. It welcomes you whether you’re after a nice and warm cup of tea or coffee, needing a comforting piece of delicious homemade cake for little catch up with a friend or just get a quick yet home cooked soup and sandwiches (provided by Parsley and Thyme Catering). We cater for everyone at the Sherlock Holmes Tearoom and will be happy to welcome you whenever you are passing by. So don’t hesitate to come in, you’ve got no excuses now!

Cakes, coffees and teas

The Sherlock Holmes Tearoom offers a large range of teas from the original black tea to green teas, mint teas, herbal teas and even fruit teas. Our Tearoom also offers a variety of coffees for those who prefers some strong caffeine in the morning (and all day long). Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Latte or Decaffeinated are all available at the Sherlock Holmes Tearoom. 


If you are more of a savoury person, don’t feel left out, the Sherlock Holmes Tearoom has something for you and offers homemade soup freshly made by Parsley and Thyme Catering accompanied with bread and butter. Alternatively you can choose to get sandwiches made to order with your fresh soup. A great alternative for a healthy but hearty lunch break to get away from your desk.

Tearoom tablecloth wall

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