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Here at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre we were blessed to have a very special visitor – Cathy Begg (nee Doyle) – the great niece of Arthur Conan Doyle.

Cathy and her husband Mike were visiting Edinburgh for a very specific reason – Tania Henzell, Doyle’s great, great step-granddaughter launched the official Sherlock Holmes Tartan this week and held a prestigious event at Physicians Hall on Thursday evening to mark the occasion.

Arthur Conan Doyle had five children, none of which had children themselves, so meeting a blood-relative of the man himself is an exciting event, made even more brilliant for the fact the Cathy is one of the directors of the Conan Doyle Estate.

We were delighted to give Cathy a tour of our building – named after Arthur Conan Doyle in honour of his work towards spiritualism. Ann Treherne, founder of the Centre, and Eleanor Docherty, one of our receptionists, spoke at length with Cathy about Conan Doyle and his amazing life.


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