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Another Tuesday has passed at the Centre and another successful #TuesdayTalk happened. This week, Katie Hall and John Pickering, a couple from Cumbria, were here to talk about the strange phenomena they have had the chance to capture on camera over the years. From strange orbs and lights phenomena to fairies and spooky apparitions, every subject was showed, explained and debated. A great dialogue and open discussion between the two speakers and the audience.

Fairy photo by John Pickering and Katie Hall

Successful Talk

The Talk, which happened on Tuesday 5th at 7:30pm, attracted a good public of¬†almost 30. The audience included people from a wide range of background with some ghost and other spooky apparitions enthusiasts, some curious folks but also some serious professional photographers. Everyone was however here for the same reason, a developed curiosity about the world that surrounds us, and an awareness of “what it can do”.

This Tuesday Talk was again a successful one,¬†with speakers warmly welcome and thanked by the audience at the end of their presentation. Our monthly Tuesday Talk won’t take place in August because of the Fringe (we are an official venue, 290) but it will be back in September as usual. Stay tuned, more information coming soon.