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The Portemanteau Ensemble‘Portemanteau’ concert

‘Portemanteau’ have been singing together for over 25 years. It started with a group of friends with a shared interest in singing a Capella and it has grown and developed from there. Their repertoire is from Bach to the Beatles and includes madrigals, folk songs, songs from musicals, classical songs, popular songs and the occasional piece of nonsense. They also include solos, duets and quartets as part of their programme as well as poems. They have an accompanist which allows them to broaden their programming into other musical areas.

Charitable ‘a Capella’ concert

‘Portemanteau’ concerts are mainly by invitation and they have been involved in a significant number of charitable events. The group has performed in beautiful places in the past such as Rosslyn Chapel. They are always very happy to give concerts in any settings as they travel light and this is why they are presenting their show Friday 28th October at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in the beautiful and bright Helen Duncan room. Tickets are only £10 and include the ‘Portemanteau’ performance as well as an Afternoon Tea served after the show in the Sherlock Holmes Tearoom, which includes teas, coffees and cakes.

To BOOK TICKETS: call 0131 625 0700 or go to ‘Special Events’ on the What’s On tab.

Portemanteau rosslyn chapel concert

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