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The centre was thrilled to welcome back Bernard Carr on Tuesday 2nd May to give a talk on ‘Making Space and Time for Mind and Spirit’, to a very perceptive and engaged audience.

Carr is Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy at Queen Mary, University of London. He studied for his PhD under Stephen Hawking at Cambridge. His professional area of research is cosmology and astrophysics and includes such topics as the early universe, black holes, dark matter and the anthropic principle. His recent books include “Universe or Multiverse?” and “Quantum Black Holes”. He also has a long-standing interest in psychical research, the role of consciousness in the universe and the link between science and spirituality, which was one of the many themes of Carr’s talk.

Carr goes on to talk about his relationship with Stephen Hawking, The Theory of Everything, and Parapsychology, to name a few of the many interesting topics he delved in to.

You can watch part of his talk here!