Centre Focused Pilates

“Pilates is complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit”

Centre Focused Pilates by Sonya Fazeli
Physiotherapy led Pilates classes in Edinburgh, Scotland

Sonya works as a Senior Physiotherapist at Spire Murrayfield Hospital in Edinburgh, specialising in a musculoskeletal outpatients department.  She is qualified in teaching beginners to advanced mat Pilates as well as ante-natal and post-natal Pilates. As a physiotherapist she has a greater understanding of the body and can uniquely blend the benefits of Pilates with her Physiotherapy practice.

I believe everyone can benefit from Pilates, no matter your age or abilities. The classes I provide are suitable to All Levels and the exercises can be tailored to your individual needs. Pilates focuses on core stability and improving body awareness.  Regular practice can improve posture, flexibility, balance and many more.

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