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Hello! I’m Lynne

Qualified Coach

I’m a fully qualified Coach accredited with the National Council of Psychotherapists. My approach to coaching is always to work with the individual in a holistic way. Everyone is unique and one size definitely does not fit all. Our Coaching sessions will be designed and tailored around you, the individual, and at a pace that suits you.  I work with people in a wide range of areas; from confidence building to looking at what in life is causing you stress and making changes to alleviate or remove it.

From your first session

A holistic approach

Any tools and techniques used during the session will be selected to suit both you and what you want to achieve. At the end of your coaching sessions you will have a ‘tool kit’ of techniques which you can call on at any time in the future.


Your well-being is important.

We live in stressful and uncertain times, keeping track of your well-being and maintaining a  healthy lifestyle is important to keeping well and thriving in difficult and challenging circumstances.



Taking a holistic approach involves looking at your physical, mental and emotional health and finding ways to bring these together  to improve you as a whole.

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My Approach

Over the online sessions we’ll work together to identify the areas in your life causing you anxiety and stress. Then using a range of proven tools & techniques and relaxation exercises, we’ll help you achieve a better balance and feeling of wellbeing.

"I see Lynne for Relaxation Sessions and they are just terrific. I have a very busy life and work life balance can be a struggle but Lynne has helped me put controls in place to manage that and her relaxation classes are just brilliant! Couldn't recommend enough"

Kim (Edinburgh)

"I would highly recommend Lynne. Lynne is passionate about helping people , whether by providing relaxation techniques, coaching or simply just by being there and listening."

Lynne A. (Edinburgh)

"I had a few sessions with Lynne and could not recommend her enough. Lynne taught me some invaluable relaxation techniques which I have continued to use and really help me after a stressful day."

Ashleigh (Edinburgh)