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Conan Doyle Centre's 9th Birthday

Scott Canevy, 23rd October 2020

Happy Birthday to Us: Our 9 Favourite Memories From the Last Year

Today is the 9th birthday of the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre. We could start this by saying that it’s been quite the year. To which, you might say – ‘No s*** Sherlock.’ It’s obviously been ‘quite the year’ for most of humankind. But, we’d like to commemorate our birthday without talking about current affairs. Thus, there will be no mention of the ‘C-word.’
Instead, we bring you a collection of our fondest memories of the past year – a concentrated dose of nostalgia. You, the community, are the main component of all our happy memories. Thank you for supporting us. If you have a fond memory of the Centre, please tell us about it – there’s a strong possibility you’ll cause an epidemic of smiles.

9. The Time We Got Spooky – SpiritFest 2019.

Hallowe’en is supposedly the time when the veil between ‘reality’ and the spirit world is at its thinnest. So, naturally we like to come together to have a party. Last year we enjoyed Ewan Irvine’s spooky stories from the stairwell – it was funny how only the staff seemed to get the memo about fancy dress. Nat and I particularly enjoyed making our SpiritFest film promo with Fredrik and Ewan: ‘I Have a Message For You.’

8. The Time We Got Festive

Whilst on the subject of special occasions, we had a great time coming together last year for Christmas. Here we all are looking positively celestial at the Ghillie Dhu. The staff and volunteers at the Conan Doyle Centre bring such an infectious positive energy – it’s a brilliant place to be.

7. The Time We Got Turned Into Art

Community artist, Emma Drye visited our Centre last year to create art pieces inspired by people who work here. Each piece was meaningful. Our particular favourite was the one inspired by Chloe Deas, entitled ‘All that is Known.‘ It was hauntingly beautiful.

6. The Time We Welcomed New Volunteers

Our volunteers are so important to us. This year we welcomed Kat, Eva and Alex who are all doing wonderful work with us. You may have been part of one of Kat’s sublime Astrology masterclassesJoan Frew, whilst nowhere near an unfamiliar face, has also started volunteering for us this year. She joins Hazel Martin, Ewan Irvine, Chloe Deas, Sophie O’Brien, Kevin Brown and Audrey Yeardley. This is a special shout out to them and all who have helped the Centre flourish by volunteering their time and energy.

5. The Time We Went Online

Earlier in March, we launched our programme of online events. The events were run by volunteers and supported by donations right up until September. It has been such a wonderful feeling to connect with all of you who have come to our events from all over the world. We hope that our outreach continues to extend and we achieve our goal of making spirituality accessible for everyone.

4. The Time We Started Work in Our Garden

Did you know the Centre has an outdoor area? It does. However, it was in need of revitalisation. Our green-fingered, Acting Manager Pauline Morgan has started the process of bringing it back to life. Meditation, yoga and tea in our little slice of paradise is the dream we get ever closer to.

3. The Time We Had Babies

Of course when I say ‘we’, I mean our Centre Manager Shereen and resident hypnotherapist Stuart Douglas. Not with each other – that would be scandalous – but with their own lovely partners. If joy could be captured in a photograph – it would probably look like this.

2. The Time We Celebrated Well-being with the Community

In January we joined Roots and Calm to run the second ‘ Wellbeing in the Westend’ Festival. We welcomed so many people from the local community for a packed day of spiritual experiences. Hopefully next year it won’t rain so much!

1. The Time We Told Our True Story

2020 saw the publication of Chair, Ann Treherne’s first book, Arthur and Me. It tells the quite remarkable tale of how our Centre came to be. It is such a special book and we are all proud of Ann’s achievements and everything she has done over the years. Without her, there would be no Centre. It is a great honour to continue her legacy of bringing spirituality to Edinburgh and beyond.
Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to launch the book formally due to Covid. Damn it. I was almost there. Oh well.
Love and joy to you all and Happy Birthday to Us.

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