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The Centre is proud to be joining and supporting the second edition of the ‘Pay It Forward’ Edinburgh Yoga Festival. All donations received during the festival will go to help community projects throughout Edinburgh run by the Charity Comas and the Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach programme.

Edinburgh Yoga Festival

Edinburgh Yoga Festival for Charity

Yoga Classes will be taught throughout the week by various teachers in various studio and venues. The festival will be held from Monday 13th February to Sunday 19th February. Venues like the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre will be participating by offering their space for free during the festival so that 100% of the revenue from the classes goes toward the charities’ outreach projects.

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre joins the ‘Pay It Forward’ initiative

The idea of this one-of-a-kind festival is that venue and yoga teacher all work together for free and the money generated from the classes’ participants goes toward the different yoga outreach projects led by the Edinburgh Community Yoga Outreach programme and the charity Comas Scotland. That means 100% profit to help reach community in needs. That includes organising special yoga classes or different yoga teachers coming to places that wouldn’t have access to such classes otherwise, to transmit and share their knowledge.

Join Edinburgh Yoga Festival for a good cause

All donations will go to support Comas Scotland & Edinburgh Community Yoga programmes throughout the year so join the movement & help a good cause ! See programme here: https://www.edyogafest.co.uk/studios and come along to the class of your choice. Get some relaxing time and help a good cause at the same time!