Date(s) - 24/03/2019
10:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


Take part in this Workshop as it tours major cities in the UK.   

Kefah will help you understand the blocks to recovering your true self and what we can do about it.  You will explore experientially the sensitivity of the heart; its role to your greater purpose and how you can start live your life with heart connection. 

Giving yourself this day will support you to strengthen your inner world, bring you greater awareness of what feels real to you and how to align your life to live your truth.

With over 9 years experience, Kefah works as an Edinburgh based Healer and Spiritual Teacher.  Running a private practice and leading workshops and courses on the higher development of the Soul, she helps people to become empowered through their healing process, realise their innate sensitivity and free their true being. 




Author of ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’ Kefah shares over 200 pieces of guidance and higher teaching based on her research work and direct experience. For anyone who longs to empower their self from their inner knowing and live the purpose of their true self, this book is an inspirational guide.

Details of Workshop

This workshop is for a maximum of 12 people, ensuring you have space to work closely with Kefah.  Meditative practices, inner visioning and active discussion are methods used during the day.  Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Held the day before you join Kefah at the SEMINAR and discover invaluable knowledge on the core principles of recovering trust to follow your truth and open your heart.  Held on Saturday 23rd March, 10am – 12.30pm at the Quaker Meeting House, Edinburgh. 

To BOOK for the Workshop or Seminar Email info@kefahbates.com

For all enquiries call 07803004459
Read and Listen to ‘Live the Life of Empowerment’
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