Date(s) - 06/06/2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


Making sense of voices,visions and unusual experiences. An illustrated talk with Ivan Barry and a skill sharing workshop in a half day seminar.

How do we define a spiritual experience? How can we distinguish between moments of intensive spiritual growth and what appear to the trained medical eye to be symptoms of mental health pathology? How can we be helpful when we meet individuals having confusing or distressing experiences?

In this seminar we will explore the many ways we may be able to identify the signs of awakening spiritual emergence and transformative experiences. We will look at how many specific aspects of these experiences mimic signs of illness in the medical guide to mental health, used by many health professionals and known as the D.S.M. (Diagnostical and Statistical Manual).

Ivan will speak about the challenges for individuals facing a support system that is dominated by a reliance on the illness model of understanding human distress but often struggles with supporting and understanding a person undergoing a spiritual “crisis”. He will look at research on hearing voices in the general population and share his own voice hearing experiences from his life history.

The talk will be followed with a session on how to make sense of hearing voices and confusing experiences. Ivan will show and share some strategies and useful cognitive tricks for unravelling and better understanding confusing or debilitating experiences.

Please bring paper, pens, and an open mind.

The objectives of this half day workshop are raising awareness of the commonality of unusual experiences, reducing misunderstanding and stigma and promoting self reliance, self awareness and positivity.

This seminar is ideal for family members of voice-hearers, social workers, mental health workers, educators who may meet young people in distress, street workers and pastoral care givers, those who wish simply to learn more.

All participants will receive free guides to coping with voices, written largely by voice-hearers who cope well, guides for parents of children hearing voices, better sleep guides for voice hearers.

You can find out more information on Ivan’s website here.

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