Date(s) - 26/04/2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre


What do you need to see at the Centre this spring?

This year is shaping up to be an inspiring and unique year for art. We are delighted to showcase art work from Astrologer Elise Gourlay who will be presenting an interesting array of Zodiac illustrations from the 26th April to the 24th May 2019. 

What to expect?

An exhibition of powerful, vibrant and informative rare limited edition, framed astrological illustrations; boldly depicting the character and essence of each sign. 

Our beautiful  Townhouse is opening its doors on the 26th April from 6.30 pm for a nice evening of art, wine and astrological discoveries. Don’t miss it! Free Entry.

About the Artist

Elise Gourlay is an artist, astrologer and music educator, who was born in Edinburgh in 1965. Her artwork and illustrations are inspired by her spiritual and esoteric journey along the shamanic path.

Working with colour, symbol and sound, these languages  resonate and communicate frequency and vibration, emitting  knowledge, wisdom, emotions, concepts and information that words alone cannot impart. They expand our consciousness and capacity to absorb, perceive and translate the intangible.

Since early childhood Elise has had a love of art and music, and a deep fascination and connection to the mystery and wonder of the universe. In 1988 she began studying astrology while in London and later gained her certificate from The Mayo School of Astrology.

She then went on to study karmic astrology for four years with karmic astrologer Gloria Bowles, while living in Somerset in the south west of England. Now back in her native Scotland, Elise continues to practise astrology and is a member of the Scottish Astrological Association.

She is also a graduate of the London College of Music and a Fellow of The Incorporated Society of Musicians, and has performed in many prestigious venues nationally.

In 1993 when Elise moved to Somerset, she took up a peripatetic teaching post with The Somerset Music Education Service where she taught violin in over fifty schools and colleges, and directed county string groups. This gave her the opportunity to travel across, experience and connect with the sacred landscape of the south west of England  on a daily basis which has been an influential factor in her work.

 In 2011 she set up and now runs her own independent violin teaching service for schools; teaching, writing and developing tailored programmes of study and syllabuses  for small group violin teaching and large group performances in primary schools.

She has also created and delivered Transformational Creative Arts Programmes for adults and has been based in Fife, Scotland since 2013.

With a background in education, her spiritual artwork and illustrations in acrylic and acrylic inks are designed as a visual teaching and healing tool to inform, inspire and transform. They are characterised by their powerful, vibrant imagery and bold style. Elise also writes spiritual poetry which compliments and expands her artwork.

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