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The incredible Spiritual Medium, June Field, who has been billed by the media as the “World’s Greatest Psychic”, is returning to Edinburgh and the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in February 2018 and displaying her demonstration of mediumship and holding a two day intensive couse. She took time out of her busy schedule to give us an exclusive interview…

When did you realise you had a gift?
I was born with the gift of sight and throughout the years it has become a way of life for me. I have an older sister by four years and when we were very young we slept in the same bedroom.  I remember that my Mum & Dad would come in to say goodnight to us both and I would always tell them that there were other people in the room.  They would tell me to smile at them and that they would smile back. My sister did not see them. I would go to sleep each night with many
people watching over me. I did not recognise any of them and did not feel threatened in any way. As I was so young, I accepted these happenings as normal and thought that
everyone experienced the same thing, until I grew up and realized that I was indeed very different!

Throughout your career, you’ve clearly had some amazing achievements. Can you talk us through some of these and what they mean to you?
My spiritual work has been amazing and I have been lucky enough throughout my career over the years as a Psychic Medium that I have been blessed with many great
experiences. I have met and read for many celebrities and high profile individuals as well as having appeared on TV and radio in UK and around the world. My work ethos is to help those who are grieving and to allow them a different view of grief which in turn can help them through the difficult times whilst they adjust and adapt to life without their loved ones being present in the physical sense. I provide the evidence to let them know that their loved ones are still around and that they walk unseen by their side giving them encouragement and support on a daily basis. Offering this service as a ‘Genuine’ Medium to those who are grieving and raising money for many different charities is extremely important to me.  As long as I live I hope to continue to offer my services to those in need and to try to raise awareness funds for
worthy causes that actually physically help people and
animals who are suffering all across the globe.

Which is your ‘stand out’ proudest moment within your spiritual career so far?
My proudest moment happened on the final evening of the televised competition of International Battle of the Psychics in Kiev, Ukraine where I lived for seven months during the making of the programme. There were initially 70,000
psychics from all over the world who took part and they whittled it down through a series of tasks to the best 12 from around the world. There were four countries left in the final (Scotland, USA, Australia and Ukraine) and I was announced the winner on Christmas Eve 2012 after taking over 54% of the overall votes. I felt very proud for Scotland as I was the first ever English speaking contestant to have ever won and was also quoted as the only psychic to have never failed any of the tasks over the series. Uri Geller was one of the judges (although the winner was decided by public voting in the final) and during the competition he quoted that he had never seen such a specific psychic.

Would you say that your workshop is open to those who are just
beginning their spiritual ability or is it more advanced?
My weekend Intensive All Day Spiritual Workshop is open to all levels of development. Whilst I am working, I am very aware of the energy around each individual and those
energies coupled with my perceptions quickly allow me to assess the level or awareness and I work with them
accordingly to their own particular levels and abilities.
I do work each person extremely hard and will push them to achieve the best that they can over the course of the
weekend. They will feel exhausted at the end of the weekend but also enlightened and enthusiastic and this is due to what they found they could achieve whilst working with spirit in the correct way.

What would you say to someone who was only just
becoming aware of their spiritual ability?
Make sure you obtain good sturdy foundations to build on in order to enhance your spiritual vocabulary and your spiritual awareness.
Those who build quickly and take shortcuts will never be able to build as high as those who took the time to make sure that their foundations were strong. I used to teach piano and found that those who practiced their scales and finger
dexterity exercises were able to progress on to play the most advanced of pieces – where as those who did not – ran out of fingers! Without the correct foundations, anything you build will fall to the ground in time. Make sure you receive the
correct teaching skills that will nurture your gift and not burn it out.

June’s demonstration of Mediumship is on Friday the 23rd of February 2018 and her two day workshop is Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of February.

Tickets for June’s Demonstration of Mediumship are £20.00 and can be purchased here.
Tickets for June’s Workshop are £160.00 and can be purchased here.