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edfringeThe Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is delighted to be host to a range of Fringe shows this August. We will be doing Fringe Spotlights on several of our shows over the coming weeks, so have a look at what they are offering and book up your tickets fast before they sell out!

We are Venue 290 – look us up!

The wonderful shows this year are –

Alistair Savage – Alone With History Alastair Savage

Alex O’Donnell

Arthur Conan Doyle – The SpiritualistArthur Conan Doyle Fringe

The D-Day Dodgers: An Attempt to Write a Wrong 


If Only: An Audience With Rudyard Kipling

Michele Durante

Migrant SistersMigrant Sisters

Parable of Lysistrata

Unquiet Spirits – Whisky, Ghosts and Sherlock Holmes
Unquiet Spirits

Vote 100 – Alice Hawkins – SuffragetteSuffragettes


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