Take a moment and meet Krishnapriya Ramamoorthy. We’re honoured to welcome her and her performance of ‘NatyaKatha.’
In this exclusive interview we talk about her lifelong experience. We explore the themes of womanhood. We discuss storytelling. We share the excitement of the Fringe.

Would you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Krishnapriya Ramamoorthy, I have been learning bharatanatyam from the age of 4. Currently I am training under the tutelage of Guru Dr. Francis Barboza from United States. I have performed in New York and New Jersey on various occasions.

Dance is my passion and my medium of expression.


 Is this your first time at the Fringe? How are you feeling?

Yes it is my first time at Fringe. I am super excited and nervous. It is a mixed feeling but very happy to be a part this huge festival celebrating art.


 “NatyaKatha” is coming to The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, what can you tell us about it?

Natyakatha is a storytelling by bharatanatyam (dance). I have taken dance pieces that are centred on women. As a woman of art I have chosen this theme to celebrate womanhood.


 What does NatyaKatha mean? What inspired the name of your performance?

Natykatha means “storytelling by dance“. On thinking of a title for the show, the idea of storytelling just stuck in my mind and during my research, I came across this word and it made perfect sense to what I wanted to convey.


 How would you describe what to expect from your show, in three words?

You can expect Beauty, Grace and Uniqueness.


We”re honoured to host Krishnapriya for her first ever Fringe performance. It’s going to be a beautiful, poignant piece of storytelling that you won’t want to miss.


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Take a moment and meet Krishnapriya Ramamoorthy. We're honoured to welcome her and her performance of 'NatyaKatha.'  In this exclusive interview we talk about her lifelong experience. We explore the themes of womanhood. We discuss storytelling. We share...

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