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How can tarot help us? Life may boil down to a series of random, unconnected choices. We face them all the time and on the whole, deal with them quite well. Should I go to bed early? Should I eat better? Should I stop binge-watching Bake Off on Netflix? Easy choices to make right?

But what about when we face a difficult decision? What about when we need help but don’t even know what choices we have? Questions like, how will I cope with mounting bills? Why am I not enjoying my relationships? What do I need to do to make my life better? In times like these, we turn to our external support networks for guidance. We ask our family and friends for their guidance, we consult the internet and we sometimes even pray. When seeking wisdom from the external, we look for signs.
But when we find a sign, how do we know what it means? Defining what a sign or symbol means is a tricky business. Some signs, like a red traffic light for instance are universally understood. Driving past one is inadvisable at best. But other signs, particularly those of a seemingly supernatural nature, are open to interpretation.
Throughout time, we’ve developed many systems of divining wisdom from signs. Think about all the times people have told you the meaning of your teeth falling out in your dreams. Or about how fortunate you are to have found a penny. To be sure, a lot of these sayings are perhaps nothing more than superstitions. How can we divine real wisdom from signs?
Tarot Card reading is one trusted method. Its ancient origin may be debatable but the fact that it’s been around for centuries is not. People have sought guidance from the cards for aeons. Tarot is generally explained as symbols of an inner reality concealed behind surface appearances. In other words, symbols which relate to the forces beneath our surface reality. The challenge lies in deciphering what the symbols mean for you.
One way of doing this is to meditate on the cards you’re dealt. Allow your mind to have a gentle wander around the ideas and associations behind each card. Then your own inner knowledge and wisdom may bubble up to the surface and offer you the guidance you need. The external world of symbols supporting your inner wisdom.
Of course, to contemplate the meanings of the cards you need to first understand what each card represents. Like a pack of playing cards, Tarot cards have four suits: Swords, Cups, Coins and Batons. Unlike standard cards, a Tarot suit has twenty-two cards each with their own names. And Meanings. You’ve probably heard the names of some of the cards, The Fool, The Lovers, The Hanged Man for example. But perhaps you aren’t sure what they mean.
tarot card the fool

The Fool – If you see The Fool, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve been a silly person. The Fool can symbolise a New Beginning. Usually depicted in colourful garb with his little napsack, The Fool is ready to set off on his journey. The Fool can be a welcome card to see if you’re stuck in a bit of a rut and want a break from your routine. Perhaps, it will guide your inner wisdom and help you decide what it is you need to do or where you need to go to start your next chapter.

The Lovers – Is it hot in here? Do you feel your blood rising? Is online dating about to pay off? Is the love of your life about to break down your door in a fit of passionate lust? Maybe. The Lovers do symbolise love but, they can also mean connection, attraction, and harmony. It’s a welcome sight in a Tarot reading if you’ve made a decision that you’re second-guessing. Imagine how relieving it would be to know that the universe is telling you it’s okay that you’ve quit your job to pursue your passion.

The Hanged Man – Oh dear. This can’t be good, can it? Not necessarily. The Hanged Man can symbolise trial, meditation or selflessness. If you see him reversed, it can be a message to stop sweeping something that’s bothering you under the carpet. Stop binge-watching TV instead of taking care of yourself. Stop avoiding having a difficult conversation with a friend or loved one. Not so bad advice after all!

There are many more interpretations of these cards. There’s cards to help guide you in any aspect of your life. If you want to find out more or even have a reading, you can book a private reading with an experienced medium. We’re even running a full workshop which will teach you all you need to know to read the cards for yourself or others. 
Is Tarot reading still relevant today? As long as we’ve difficult choices to make, tools which give us the wisdom to make them will always be welcome.

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