Jane Hill of ‘AmethystLiving’

Jane Hill Amethyst LivingHealing for your Spirit.

Ready to find divine love, joy, compassion and wisdom in your life?

I’m Jane, a modern mystic, and it’s my vocation to help you encounter the Big Cosmic Stuff!

Maybe you’re looking for more meaning in your life – maybe you’re stressed out, or depressed – or anxious.

I’ve been there – discovering the healing power of meditation and visualisation helped me to recover.

Back in 1993, I was so anxious and stressed that I could barely leave the house. But a remarkable dream showed me what I was to become. I left my ‘good, professional’ job and devoted myself to my meditative journeys and now I offer them to you for your own healing journey, helping you find your way forward and your true path in life. You’ll find an oasis of calm in our work together and a deeper

Healing for the spirit, love, joy, compassion, wisdom – these are what I offer you as we work together on your unique spiritual journey.

We work together in hour-long sessions, one-to-one, at intervals you decide.

Jane Hill from AmethystLiving


https://www.facebook.com/amethystliving/  (@AmethystLiving)

And you can join my facebook group, The Secret Meditation Garden here:
for live guided meditations and lots of other features to help you live your true life!

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