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June is known as “The Worlds Best Psychic” after participating and winning the “International Battle of the Psychics” show which was aired and viewed by 34 million people. She has amazed audiences with her specific contacts and evidence that our loved ones are still with us. She also appeared in their “Psychic Detective” show and described a serial killer in very specific detail who was recently caught. He stated that she was 99.9% accurate with his description.

June Field

Celebrity Reader

June has read many celebrities worldwide including:

Actress/Singer  – Claire Sweeney (predicted pregnancy, sex of baby and birth month)
Actor – John Thomson (Cold Feet)
Singer – Owen Paul
Comedienne – Katie Robbins
Singer – Rumor
Author – Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island)
Housewives of Orange County – Vicki Gulvanson
Fellow Sunday Post Columnist –  Ross King
And many others..

Successful Medium Columnist

She is also Resident Psychic of The Sunday Post Newspaper where she answers letters and gives evidence and comfort to people from all over the world. Having been born with the gift of sight she proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that life goes on by allowing loved ones to cross over and connect through her to their loved ones present.

Demonstration of Mediumship

This evening promises to be of high energy, full of compassion and filled with laughter and tears but most of all evidence that your loved ones walk unseen by your side. June Field will be hosting an expectional Demonstration of Mediumship in our larger venue, Augustine United Church (41 George IV Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1EL), where you will be able to witness her incredible talent! Don’t miss this extraordinary event, last tickets available so book now before it’s too late!!

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