mediumship demonstrations at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

Saturday Night Mediumship

At the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre we are committed to providing a space for mediumship. We fully believe in the value and utility of mediumship and we’re not afraid to be vocal about that.

Mediumship helps people. Knowing that relationships with the deceased never die brings comfort. Understanding that love is not a one-way channel brings peace. Given the world we are currently living in, has there ever been a more appropriate time to bring comfort and peace to as many people as possible?

Every Saturday night we have provide an online space for mediums to work with Spirit. It doesn’t matter if they are starting out or attracting huge crowds, all that matters is that they are as committed to mediumship as we are.

Our mediumship demonstrations will continue every week for as long as we can keep them going. We’ve kept costs as low as possible to ensure we remain accessible for the majority.

You can access our dems for £5 per ticket or for less for a season pass which gets you access to all dems for the rest of the year.

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