The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre operates with the help of a team of willing volunteers and staff.  Find out more about who we are below.


Our Chair


Ann Treherne, Chair of The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.

Ann comes from a corporate background in banking and finance, latterly being CEO of a subsidiary company of a large international bank.

Back in 2000, Ann left the corporate world, having encountered premonitions. This was Ann’s ‘wake up call’ which caused her to seek out answers and ultimately to give up her job and become a Psychic Investigator and to concentrate on her psychic and mediumistic development.

Now a well-known Medium, Ann regularly works abroad and throughout the UK.  Ann is an inspirational speaker and tutors in Meditation, Psychic and Mediumistic Development and runs training events for Psychic Investigators and Researches. Ann has worked with many well-known Tutors and travels the world as an invited speaker delivering her inspirational message to some of the most prestigious organisations in this field and beyond. 

Find out more about Ann’s activities and how you can book onto one of her upcoming workshops.

Our Staff

Shereen Elder, Centre Manager

Eleonore Ducamp, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Scott Canevy Marketing Assistant

William Spicer, Caretaker

Natalie Mae Kelly, Evening Receptionist

Our Volunteers

Theresa Brown

Reception, Monday

Eleanor Docherty

Reception, Tuesday & Friday

Tour Guide, Tuesday & Friday

Gillian Reid

Reception, Wednesday

Reiki, by Appointment

Hazel Martin

Reception, Thursday

Private Sittings, Tuesday & Friday

Chloe Deas

Head of Psychic Investigation Unit and Speaker Liaison

Margaret Baxter

Tearoom, Alternating Days

Tealeaf Readings, see our calendar

Kinesiology, by appointment

Linda Nesbitt

Tearoom, Thursday

Our Mediums

Yvonne Craig

Mondays, from 6pm & 6.30pm

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Ewan Irvine

Tuesdays from 3pm-9pm and Wednesdays, from 6pm-9pm

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Hazel Martin

Tuesdays & Fridays, from 12pm-3pm

– Angel Cards

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Ann Treherne

Wednesdays, from 2pm-6pm

– Aura Camera

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Fredrik Haglund

Between March-May / August-October 

Appointments available on request. Please phone the Centre to book a private sitting with Fredrik Haglund. 

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Our Board of Trustees

Ann Treherne, Chairman

Fredrik Haglund CSNU

Dr Michelle Foot

Tony Stockwell

Jim Cleary

Janet Handley

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