Migrant Sisters

7th-11th August, 11:45am

Migrant Sisters

We spoke to Migrant Sisters writer Jeanette Maxwell about her Fringe play, which takes a humorous look at Brexit.

It portrays historical issues of migration and how different generations of immigrants have been treated.  The empty hills and glens that Alex Salmond described when he explained why Scots had a different approach to immigration and understanding the effects and the sadness of those left behind.

Different ages of women from divergent backgrounds share experiences and consider why these things are happening again. With great original live music from the husky voiced Martina and her crew.

Why did I write this play?

25 years as a teacher and finally I had something to say? Maybe, or too many Margaritas on a Friday night, they were on special at Lidl.

 All this Brexit lark- personally I voted for Brexit McBrexitface.

Then there came scary attacks on people who came to the UK to work, study, be with their families. I went on the marches and was appalled on Facebook. I was proud to be a Scot as they took a stand  against this, history repeating itself, racism. How many groups of people in the past had felt this hatred, took the blame and yet they did not create this. I talked to NHS staff from Spain and Romania. Some had married and had children here but were sick with worry. One young Spanish diabetic said her GP promised to give her Insulin for free no matter what happened. She would not let her die! I talked to people such as contract cleaners who experienced the effects of free movement of labour on their already hard working conditions and why they voted for leave. The North East of England, one of poorest areas, voted Brexit. Was it just scapegoating or some genuine concerns? The EU continues to push austerity causing great hardship in Spain and Greece.

So after sobering up I discovered there’s a lot to this Brexit lark and here’s the play what I wrote.

I’ve got a fab theatre company of professionals to act in it and the magnificent Martina to write the music.

Please come along and tell me what you think.

If you enjoyed the play we are Sisters Theatre Company if not we are the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company. Please address all complaints to  Mrs William Shakespeare, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England, United Kingdom (so far), Europe (for a bit longer), The World ( till Trump meets Kim IL Sung)

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