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Welcome to our Newsletter! Summer is passing and before we know it Autumn will be upon us with its long evenings and crisp mornings. It is time to make the most of the holiday period and collect warm memories.
At the moment our Centre is buzzing with Fringe Festival shows welcoming visitors from all over the world.
So far we have hosted numerous music, dance and storytelling performances. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, we are preparing some exciting events for that Autumn mentioned earlier. Join us for Tuesday Talks, Evenings of Mediumship, In-Centre workshops and other On-line events. 


The Notice Board

News and Updates about Centre Events.

Our wonderful mediums, who run the Open Circle both In-Centre and Online, are taking a summer break for the month of August. Our next Open Circle will take place on Thursday, 1st September at 2pm (In-Centre) and 6pm (on Zoom).


Fringe Shows at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre:

Tales From the City Below
The Story of Captain James Cook
Buzzing Anonymous

Our New Tuesday Talk Season is coming up! 

Listen to what we have in store for you in our Autumn Season of Tuesday Talks On-line. 

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Private Readings

Online and In-Person Readings available. Choose from Psychic, Spiritual, Tarot and Astrology Readings.

Shamanic Healing

Have you ever wondered about Shamanic Healing but never had a chance to try it for yourself? The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is offering Shamanic Healing sessions with  Maimouna LY.



Check out the latest blog post by our Chairman, prof. Lance Butler. 

There is one spiritual idea that seems to keep coming round again and again, appropriately enough: the idea of reincarnation. When Westerners first learned of it they saw the notion of past lives as a stretch too far to the East. Then it sat for a while in the hands of Ian Stevenson and his team at Virginia University, as well as in those of Brian Weiss who said ‘All you have to do is reawaken to the memory, to remember… Journey into the beautiful dream that is life… the end is only the beginning’. But in spite of such scholars reincarnation felt like an outlier in the spectrum of post-materialist thinking.  

Mediumship Stories

Do you have any mediumship stories you would like to share? Any particular message from a Private Reading that stayed with you? Email us on bookings@arthurconandoylecentre.com if you would like your story to be published in the next Newsletter. We will publish the stories anonymously unless you tell us you would like to add your name.

Kat’s story 

I booked my fist ever Astrology reading in 2019 when I was just getting into Astrology. I still remember the excitement when, after three months of waiting, the package with the recorded reading arrived. It turned out to be on a cassette tape and being born in the 90s I had no idea how to go about listening to it.

According to the Astrologer who gave me my reading, I had been a nun living in a silent convent in quite a few of my past lives. I immediately connected this message to my childhood years. I attended a nursery school run by the Presentation Sisters in my home town of Swidnica in Poland. I wonder if some of my old friends and sisters from my past life were among them. Interestingly, when having an Akashic Records Reading, the past life as a nun came up again.

Convent Thoughts by Charles Allston Collins


New in our Tearoom Shop!

We have more wonderful items in out Tearoom Shop. New items include: Moonology Oracle Decks, a selection of Crystal Pendulums, Chakra Suncatchers and some beautiful Japanese incense sticks. 


Centre Happenings and Insights

On a recent staff-outing to Moffat this wonderful creature appeared right next to my foot. According to my later research it was the Emperor Moth caterpillar. Despite its small size, it was moving at a surprising speed… right onto a busy road. For a while I wondered what the world looks like through the eyes of a caterpillar? What does it feel like to be synchronised with the natural cycles of life, letting them unfold in their own time without any questions? All of this wouldn’t matter for this particular caterpillar if it ended up under the wheels of a speeding car. With a large leaf in my hand I transferred my new friend to a safer (and greener) place.
What if in the grand scale of things we are also tiny creatures unaware of the dangerous road ahead. I changed the direction of that caterpillar’s path. That made me think that perhaps the Universe slows us down and throw things that appear to be obstacles in our way to redirect us onto the right course. The name of the caterpillar- Saturnia Pavonia– reminded me of Saturn. A planet associated with time, discipline and obstacles. Saturn can often seem to be a stern teacher, testing us again and again, slowing us down so that we do our work properly. Yet once we accept the delays and commit to our fated journey, our rewards will be long-lasting. If life seems to take you further away from your goal, making you end up at square one again, perhaps it’s a sign. Step back, look at your position from a different perspective and recalibrate.





We are entering Virgo season on 23rd August. The meticulous and organised Virgo energy will be with us until 23rd September. Virgo season is a perfect time to turn chaos into order. Virgo – a mutable earth sign – is concerned with health, categorisations and efficiency.

The New Moon in Virgo on 27th August is a perfect opportunity to organise one specific area of your life. The New Moon is a beginning of a 28 day lunar cycle, bringing fresh energy and new life. During this particular New Moon consider what can be improved in your life. Virgo deals with practical matters so after the firey Leo season full of self-expression it is time to ground yourself. There could be tension between your plans and the way in which you will realise them. Mars in Gemini is squaring this New Moon, making our energy scattered between many different projects. Keep to your plans and don’t get distracted. Venus in opposition to Saturn can make us question our values, especially ones that relate to our self-expression, self-image and personal power. Where is the line between pride and arrogance? Is being in the spotlight always a good idea? What is more important: the individual or the society? These themes can surface during the New Moon time and teach us important lesson.

For those more advanced in Astrology, check the house where the New Moon (4 degrees of Virgo) will fall in your chart. This area of life will be highlighted and presented with new opportunities.

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