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Breathe, 2, 3, 4….

Numerology by Richard Abott

The number 76 bus. Seat 34. Room 217. Phone numbers, heights, weights, house numbers. Wherever you look, if you look hard enough, there are numbers everywhere.

Getting to the bottom of what numbers are trying to tell us is called numerology, one of the most ancient of the spiritual sciences, practiced for at least 2500 years. And while this subject can be deep and complex, we can take big leaps in understanding, right now, by recognising that numbers are everywhere.

Take your phone. If it is playing music or a podcast then what is really happening, in the inner workings of the tech, is that a waveform, created from numbers, is causing vibrations that ultimately land up in your ear as sound. If you are watching video or scrolling images then, again in the inner workings of the device, pixels are being coloured according to a code made up of numbers. Your phone is, therefore, deep in its heart, just a collection of ever-changing numbers. So far so good, now let’s level up.

Many people regularly see 11:11 or 22:22 on their clock and a whole industry has grown up around interpreting what these so-called repetitive numbers mean.

Fundamentally, when you spot repetitive numbers, you are spotting changes in energy. Each number represents an energy-type and if you see certain numbers, over and over again, then that energy is knocking on your door offering guidance. There are many ways to interpret what these repetitive numbers are trying to say. Here’s some of them:

ONE represents action, energy and initiative. Seeing lots of 1’s, means that the time for thinking and planning is over and it’s time for inspired action.

TWO represents flow, rhythm and harmony. Seeing lots of 2’s means that balance is important right now, and that you should be thinking in terms of negotiating your way through any problems and taking all points of view into account.

THREE represents communication and creativity. Many 3’s means that it’s time to speak truthfully and clearly, and to embrace the artistic and/or creative side of life.

FOUR represents work, structure and routine. Many 4’s tells us to make lists, break things down into bite size chunks and get busy working.

FIVE represents travel, movement and change. Many 5’s shows us that it’s time to mix things up a bit, to embrace the new and cautiously experiment with the unconventional.

SIX represents home, family and responsibilities. Spotting many 6’s is a clear indicator that its time to turn your attention toward your loved ones and to your responsibilities to others.

SEVEN represents meditation, reflection and stillness. The presence of many 7’s urges us to take time out, to think before we act and to step away from busyness and into nature.

EIGHT represents business, money, achievements. Seeing a lot of 8’s suggests that attention should be given to the bank account and to the fulfilment of goals and aims in the material world. 8 is consistent with all attempts to step into and own our personal power.

NINE represents humanity, healing and universal love. Wherever there are many 9’s there will be a call to help others, in some way or another. With this energy around us we should place others needs before our own.

The Universe supports those who align with its flow and relatively simple actions such as these are powerful and effective aids to a better life. Numerology teaches us that numbers aren’t just random collections of digits, but signposts via which you can navigate your way to a more positive and sustainable future.

Richard Abott is a full-time mystic and has a diverse, global client base. See more of his work at www.thehermitage.org.uk

Richard Abott is currently running a two-day Numerology workshop. Find out more here.