Health through Nutrition

Nutripanda is a Nutritional Clinic situated on our 2nd floor. You can book a FREE pre-consultation today and start your journey to better health through nutrition.

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Better Nutrition. Better Health.

Welcome To Nutripanda

Nutripanda are a professional, committed and passionate team united in the belief that food is central to achieving optimum well-being.

Nutripanda combine epidemiological, nutritional expertise with clinical studies and a passion to improve their clients’ lives.

To make sure they are at the forefront of emerging science, they participate in global conferences and ground-breaking studies so they can continue to refine their approaches to provide the best quality service to their clients, and importantly…everything they do is personalised to you, for you and they are by your side throughout the process providing on-going support and mentorship.

Nutripanda offer diet plans, food intolerace tests, heavy metal tests, homocysteine tests.


Book a free pre-consultation today!

Only the Best

Fresh Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Nutripanda also have a fully stocked whole foods store open to the public. If you want certified organic, non-GMO whole foods at reasonable prices, Nutripanda is the place to go.


What People are Saying

“The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent”

“Dr G is … so passionate and knowledgeable, everything he says makes perfect sense. I can tell you, it’s the best money I have ever spent!… don’t take my word for it, give him a call, see for yourself!!!”

Nursery Nurse

“Saving my health, life & dignity”

“Dr Gregorio has given me essential guidance and his extensive knowledge, experience, concern for my welfare, dedication to his work. As a Bio-Nutritional Therapist is bringing me through to much greater energy, repair and mobility.”


“Made my life significantly better”

“I am pleased to say that thanks to the invaluable professional help of Dr Gregorio, after 8 months I reached my optimum status of health. With admirable dedication, he followed my progress and he encouraged me to a healthier lifestyle and healthier living.”


“Very happy, changing my life”

“In general I am very very happy, you are changing my life.

I am feeling much better in all ways, my brain is constantly very active.
I don’t feel the tiredness how I use to feel before and even my back pains are so much better. Thank you!!”

Social Worker

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