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Welcome to our Newsletter! We are happy to have you as one of our subscribers and we want to be sure that you can make the most of what our Centre has to offer. This is the first of our Newsletters which will be sent every two weeks. Think of these as fortnightly letters from the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre with event recommendations, insights and Special Offers. If you have any questions or would like to contact us you can do so by emailing bookings@arthurconandoylecentre.com
In August, Edinburgh turns into a vibrant and inspiring city, even more so than usual. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe has hosted an array of performers, artists and entertainers since 1947. The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre is also taking part as a festival venue. A number of shows will be run in our building at 25 Palmerston Place, including ‘Tales From the City Below’, ‘Alice Hawkins- Suffragette’ and ‘Buzzing Anonymous’. You can find out more about the events by visiting https://tickets.edfringe.com/. Our venue number is 290. We cannot wait to welcome all the wonderful artists and guests. August, being the Leo season, is a perfect time to embrace creativity, self-expression and the joy of life. If you are interested, scroll down to find out more about the upcoming Astrological influences.

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News and Updates about Centre Events.

Our wonderful mediums, who run the Open Circle both In-Centre and Online, are taking a summer break for the month of August. Our next Open Circle will take place on Thursday, 1st September at 2pm (In-Centre) and 6pm (on Zoom). 

A Message from Elizabeth Titterton

Elizabeth visited us in July to teach about Spiritual Healing.

It’s always a great pleasure to be a part of The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre.
I presented a Workshop In-Centre on 16th July where the focus was very much on healing and the ways in which we can offer it, not only on a personal level but within the realms of our mediumship and in the way we communicate Spirit’s words. Delivery is so important.  It was a day of light in the most wonderful of spaces and I hope everyone enjoyed it.
Thanks to everyone who joined me,


New in our Tearoom Shop! 

Visit us for a cup of tea or coffee and take a look at our new stock. We have a lovely selection of crystals, including Selenite, Opalite and Rose Quartz Aura. You will also find a selection of handmade velvet Tarot pouches as well as crystal-infused oils and lots more.



Centre Happenings and Insights


Last year, Pauline, our Acting Manager/Development Manager planted tomatoes outside the kitchen window at our Centre. This year, encouraged by the thought of having my own delicious tomatoes, I decided to try some gardening myself. I went to the supermarket, bought a packet of tomato seeds and without following the instructions just scattered the seeds over a pot with soil. It didn’t come as a surprise to me that the seeds did not sprout. I gave up on the idea of growing tomatoes for a couple of weeks. Then… one night… tomatoes featured prominently in my dream. Later that day on my way home- what did I find? I found a table full of tiny vegetable plants that one of my neighbours was giving away. It was a sign! Obviously, it was meant that I should plant tomatoes this season.


Fast forward to the present – the seedlings have grown and now I am just observing nature’s magic. This little story makes me reflect that if we are meant to do something then one way or another it will get done. It also made me think about how important it is that we share our resources when we have more than enough for ourselves.

When writing this passage, I reached out for my Tarot Deck and started shuffling the cards. The Seven of Pentacles jumped right out – I cannot think of a more suitable card that would illustrate this story better! In the reverse position, this card reminds us that if we haven’t sown the seeds, we will not be getting a harvest. But what if somebody else should present us with a plant or share their harvest with us? We are all connected and don’t have to struggle alone. Next time, when you have an abundance of resources, share them with others. In this way we are watching out for each other and keeping the good energy in motion.




From 22nd July to 23rd August we will be in Leo Season. The Sun is at home in the sign of Leo, radiating its warmth and life-giving energy. Leo – a fixed fire sign – relates to creativity, self-expression and the heart space.
On 12th August a Full Moon in Aquarius will take place. Full Moons represent an energy coming to its peak. Considering the aspects present in the Astrological Chart, it can be a time of tension. The Moon in Aquarius will be conjunct Saturn. While our ego (the Sun in Leo) wants to express itself in a way that benefits our personal desires, the Moon in Aquarius wants to detach from individual emotions, preferring to operate as part of a group. The conjunction with Saturn might bring limitations and block the expressive energy of the Sun in Leo. The Full Moon is squared by Uranus/North Node conjunction. By trying to find the middle ground between the personal and collective power, passion and objectivity, we might be tempted to do something unconventional and shocking (represented by Uranus). As Uranus is conjunct the North Node, such unexpected decisions can direct us to change our life path and kick us out of our comfort zone. Sudden encounters are also possible.
The Saturn Uranus square is tightening yet again, bringing up conflicting issues between tradition/innovation, status quo/revolution, restriction/freedom. On a collective level, we might be dreaming of a great future but we could be held back by material reality and practical constraints.

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