Our Mediums

Ann Treherne

Bookings on Wednesdays from 2pm-6pm

– Aura Camera

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Hazel Martin

Tuesdays & Fridays, from 12pm-3pm

– Angel Cards

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Yvonne Craig

Mondays, from 6pm & 6.30pm

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Ewan Irvine

Wednesdays, from 6pm-9pm

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Mandy MacDonald

Mondays, from 12pm-4pm

– Trance

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Fredrik Haglund

Thursdays, between March – November. 

Additional appointments available on request.

– Spiritual

– Psychic

Types of Private Sitting


Psychic Reading:

This involves the Psychic Medium attuning to the Sitter. A Psychic can interpret historical information about a person and can assess what is happening in their life at that time. This type of sitting is all about YOU, the Sitter, and does not involve communication with the Spirit World.

Spiritual Reading:

This involves the Spiritual Medium communicating with the spirit world. It is a means of enabling spirit people, some of whom are our family and friends to communicate with us via the Medium. (Normally this type of sitting will include some psychic information – as above – too).

Aura Camera Readings:

In these sittings a specialist camera is used to take a photo of the electro-magnetic field which surrounds each of us (sometimes called The Aura). This camera is specially designed to do this and the Medium is then able to interpret the reading and its relevance to the Sitter.
PLEASE NOTE: These sittings cost £40 due to the cost of the photographic equipment.

To book a private sitting, please telephone or email the centre:
bookings@arthurconandoylecentre.com, or Telephone: 0131 625 0700.

Please Note:
All Sittings are classed as ‘experimental’. If you are not satisfied with what is happening, you should inform the Medium at the early stages of the sitting – do not wait until the end.

All bookings are subject to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

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