Coaching for Stress and Wellbeing Voucher


Lynne Caldwell is a fully qualified Coach accredited with the National Council of Psychotherapists.
Her approach to coaching is always to work with the individual in a holistic way. Everyone is unique and one size definitely does not fit all. Your Coaching sessions will be designed and tailored around you, the individual, and at a pace that suits you.  Lynne works with people in a wide range of areas; from confidence building to looking at what in life is causing you stress and making changes to alleviate or remove it. To find out more about Lynne, click here

Booking an Online Consultation is Simple

Step One: Buy a Voucher from this page.
Step Two: Download Zoom for free from here: https://zoom.us/
IMPORTANT! Step Three: Please tell us when you would like a consultation by emailing us at Bookings@arthurconandoylecentre.com PLEASE ALLOW FOR 24H for us to arrange with the practitioner selected.
By downloading your Voucher and attending the online class/session you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the Liability Waiver and Terms and Conditions.


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