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Spirituality Workshop

The Psychic Treasure Chest

14th and 15th May 2022. 10.00am until 5.00pm. £140.


Modern Divination Using Ancient Skills

We are all naturally gifted with psychic ability. You might call it ‘intuition’, ‘sixth sense’ or ‘extrasensory perception’ but, basically, it’s your psychic ability. Psychic talents need only be recognised and developed in order to be used.
This workshop offers you many exciting opportunities to experiment with the psychic arts. You may also find yourself taking your first steps to mediumship. You will meet like-minded individuals and be guided through a wide variety of divination exercises and encouraged to reconnect with the magnificence of your own spirit.
The aim of this two-day workshop is to help you develop and trust in your own intuition and to enable you to use a variety of psychic tools to read for friends and family without ever again needing to look at any books or manuals.

What to Expect on this Workshop

Your tutor, Ann Théato, will show you step-by-step how to uncover your true potential using both meditative and physical exercises. This will enable you to have absolute trust in your own inner knowing and reveal how both psychic and mediumistic development can transform your life.
This workshop will teach you meditation techniques for quieting the mind and connecting with the spirit realm. You will be encouraged to trust in yourself and your perceptions. You will experiment with crystal balls, pendulums, scrying and tarot. You will find the tool that best helps you access your psychic treasure chest.

About Ann Théato

ANN THÉATO, is an International Psychic Medium, Spiritual Tutor, Intuitive Life Coach, Writer, Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist and podcast host for the hugely popular Psychic Matters! podcast. She trained at the Arthur Findlay College (The World’s Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences) in Stansted, England; The College of Psychic Studies, London; The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain and Certified at the Edgar Cayce Institute (ARE), Virginia Beach, USA.
Ann is a Tutor at Tony Stockwell’s Soul Space, UK. She helps students comprehend the potential of their own spirit in order that they may challenge unhelpful emotional patterns, gain trust in their own instincts and take control of their world. An Associate Lecturer on both the BA Advertising and BA Photography degree courses at University Of The Arts, London (ranked second in the world for Art and Design), Ann delivers lectures on Creative Thinking; Writing, Voicing & Producing Your Own Work For Radio as well as Pitching & Presenting skills. Responsible for nurturing new talent, Ann teaches degree students how to create compelling, visual adverts across multiple media.

Psychic Matters Podcast

Episode 13 – Taster

This snippet is from episode 13 of Ann’s Psychic Matter podcast, featuring an interview with Chair of the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Ann Treherne.