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What the PIU Does

People contact us when they are experiencing strange happenings, usually in their homes, but also in other locations. These strange phenomena range from simply a feeling of a ‘presence’ in the home; sometimes of seeing something strange; or very occasionally full poltergeist activity. Whatever the experience, it is usually significantly disturbing to prompt the individual to call in outside help.

We will assess the situation over the telephone or by email, , and then, if appropriate, we will arrange to visit the property/location to investigate further to assess what is going on. Our investigators have had personal experience with paranormal phenomena. But just because paranormal events can happen, it doesn’t mean they happen all the time. Some have a simple or rational explanation. Our investigators will try to understand what is happening and determine whether experiences are paranormal or not.

The PIU is not affiliated with any religious or spiritual group It is not our policy to challenge anyone’s religion or promote occult beliefs. The Unit holds no corporate view about what paranormal phenomena is – only that we should investigate it rationally, by exploring possible causes in the light of  experience and previous cases recorded in the archives of psychical research.

The Unit does sometimes use people who have psychic abilities but this is done with your consent.

Information gathered in the course of an investigation is treated in strict confidence. The unit usually operates in teams of 2 or 3 which contain both men and women. This service is offered free of charge, but as we are staffed wholly by volunteers, donations are welcome to help cover our running costs.

More about how we carry out investigations is contained in our leaflet which you will be  able to downloaded soon.