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The Centre hosted its first Science Day on Saturday, 13th June.

Prof Chris Roe

Prof Chris Roe

Prof. Chris Roe and his team from The University of Northampton joined us for a day of lectures, fun and fascinating experiments.  Some of the topics included, research on Mediumship, The Power of Prayer and of Absent Healing – and the results!

Whilst Louise King and David Saunders looked at Altered States of Consciousness and some of the gadgets that can measure just what our brains are doing when mediumship or trance is taking place.  Cal Cooper rounded off by examining apparitions, especially as they related to the bereaved.

David Saunders of Northampton University

David Saunders of Northampton University

Good to see that the scientists can now measure the positive effects of healing and of prayer and document this in terms of actual results!  The other piece of good news, is that the success of the Science Day means we’ll be running another one next year – watch this space!IMG_0576


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