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Spiritualist Wedding Services

Spiritualists’ National Union Ministers and Officiants are fully trained to carry out marriage ceremonies, which includes the necessary legally binding vows.

In most SNU Churches a Registrar would be needed to witness and record the vows, although some Churches have an ‘Authorised Person’ who records the marriage in the same way as a Registrar.

Remember that when vows are exchanged in the Spiritualist service those in the spirit world are also invited as witnesses. Special people in the spirit world who cannot be there in body can certainly be there in spiritual form, bringing the love which continues to flow from them.

If you are not a Spiritualist, you need to consider whether this service is suitable for you as it treats those present as accepting the Seven Principles and having an understanding of Spiritualism.

What steps do I take to arrange my marriage in an SNU Church?

  1. Contact the Church Committee to ask permission for both the ceremony to take place in the Church and for the person of your choice to officiate.
  2. Agree a date with the Church Committee and with the person whom you wish to take the service.
  3. Unless the Church has an Authorised Person who can witness and record the wedding on the day, you must book the Registrar for the date required. You must also complete the legal arrangements at the Registry Office for the banns to be posted.
  4. Costs for which you are responsible are The Church fee for use of the premises, The Minister’s or Officiant’s expenses and all fees as advised by the Registrar.
  5. When the date, time and place have been arranged, there will be a meeting with the person taking the service. There will be serveral things to decide: hymns and/or music, any extra personal vows if you wish to make them, etc.
  6. You will need to contact and make arrangements with the Church if you require flowers or have other requests.
  7. This wedding day is only the beginning of your marriage, which we hope will be long and happy. Please read our Seven Principles, with particular attention to the 5th one, so that you may consider the significance of your important promise before God.

The Spiritualists’ National Union has Seven Principles, by which its members try to live their lives. These are:

  1. The Fatherhood of God
  2. The Brotherhood of Man
  3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
  4. The Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
  5. Personal Responsibility
  6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter for all the Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth
  7. Eternal Progress Open to every Human Soul

For further help and advice you may wish to contact the local church.