Can you tell us a little about yourself? 

It all began when I was five and was regularly murdered – I played the duchess’s daughter in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-Upon-Avon, production of The Duchess of Malfi! Margaret Plantagenet (aged nine), was my next RSC role. This time my father was murdered – in a butt of Malmsey wine! More light hearted roles have ranged from Tatiana Romanov in Otma’s Glory, Moth in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Lydia Bennet in Prawn and Prejudice (film).

Studying at Edinburgh University has been one big drama! I have been on night patrol on the Pentland Hills with the Officer Training Corps, sailed the seven seas with the university’s Navy Unit, sang my heart out in Gilbert & Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore, run my legs off with the first lacrosse team, and worked my fingers to the bone producing six editions of my history satire magazine, The Plague – free copies available at my show!

Is this your first time performing at the fringe? (If yes, how do you feel about it?) 

Yes – and I’m all a flutter!

Could you describe to us, briefly, what your show is about? 

Set in a TV studio, News@1066 puts history straight! Roving reporters get to the bottom of history’s biggest stories.

Fast-moving and wacky, this one-woman comic show races from one breaking story to the next! Historical fact mixes with modern technology – screen, sound effects and music as anchor woman Alice Roberts interviews live celebs from the past. (Spoilers: Anne Boleyn in a lifejacket and Richard III’s parking fine).

This show is a belly full of laughs – accessible to all. Totally unique and jolly good fun!

Where did the name News@1066 come from? 

As I slumbered in my stone turret, trying to think of a name for the show, an arrow flew threw the window, narrowly missing me! Tied to its shaft was a piece of parchment, and clearly visible was the royal seal of Harold. What could this be? I unrolled the parchment, and there was a message from the king himself (such an elegant hand). It read: “Go forth, and call your show ‘News@1066’. I have a feeling this date will become quite memorable”. As a loyal subject, I could only obey this royal command.

Can you describe to our readers, in three words, what they can expect from your show?

A show to-blow-your-bonnet-off!

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