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Top #TuesdayTalk

Last night (10th May), the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hosted another successful #TuesdayTalk, with Trevor Hamilton this time. Alumni of prestigious universities such as Oxford, London and Sussex, Hamilton shared with the audience his research about automatic scripts and cross correspondences. Being a retired Lecturer from Higher Education, Trevor Hamilton was able to demonstrate his findings accumulated throughout his extended research, about automated scripts and cross correspondences.

Particular Scottish/Edinburgh resonance

Releasing soon a book about Scottish politician Arthur Balfour called ‘Arthur Balfour Ghosts’, Hamilton captivated the audience with his in depth knowledge and stories about scripts from various automated writers. His Talk was particularly linked to Scotland and Edinburgh as quite a few protagonists of his stories were born and raised in the area (Balfour brothers, etc…). But Hamilton’s presentation didn’t stop there and also mentioned stories from various other automatic writers and researchers.


Value of own judgement

During his presentation, Trevor Hamilton insisted on the fact that no one should just ‘believe’ or ‘not believe’ in automated scripts. He said he thinks it is actually important to make your own judgement by engaging yourself into scripts. Hamilton believes that this way you can attain a certain stage of understanding and create your very own judgment. He also said he believed there is a method behind cross correspondences. It is important to note that Trevor Hamilton is one of the only one who has taken the time to study and take a look at ALL of the original scripts, which makes him one of the person the most knowledgeable about the subject.

Hamilton ended the night saying that he was ‘sure that Conan Doyle would look at the Centre with great affection’. Indeed Doyle would have like seeing the Centre being open to all, and acting as a community centre for the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of all. It was a great night at the Centre with great conversations and knowledge sharing.

‘Rendez-vous’ next month on June 7th for our next #TuesdayTalk with Dr Ian Rubenstein.