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Are you looking forward to the new decade? Need a breath of fresh air, a new beginning? Will 2020 make all your dreams come true?

Looking at 2020 astrologically, big things are happening. You might have heard about the massive Saturn Pluto conjunction on January 12th, but what does it mean, collectively and personally?

Saturn Pluto conjunctions happen once every 30-33 years, and denote a new cycle. Conjunctions are about blending the energy of two (sometimes more) planets, whether they are harmonious or contrasting. In case of Saturn and Pluto, these two are nothing like each other. 


Saturn likes the way things are, values stability and tradition, social structure and control. It is the old, wise teacher, who will keep giving you tough lessons until you learn them properly. For Saturn, achievement comes through hard, methodical work, even if it becomes boring or repetitive. Saturn wants to build structures which will stand the test of time, even though they might get rigid and confining at a certain point. 


Meanwhile, Pluto is intense and powerful. It brings to the surface anything that needs to be purged and eliminated. A deep transformation which you cannot stop, a transformation which needs to happen no matter what is the domain of Pluto. Whether you feel comfortable or safe during the change is not important, as Pluto operates on collective and subconscious level, not personal. Some changes must happen, even if they bring pain and difficult emotions.

Now that we know the basic elements of the conjunction, let’s see how it might affect us.


The 2020 conjunction can shake up the current structure of society, especially the people in high positions of power, world leaders, people and businesses dealing with money, the economy in general and even the patriarchy. Pluto will transform what we have built so far, the stiff structures that Capricorn loves, the rules we do not question, the things we have always been doing the same way, because ‘it is done this way’. The whole skeleton of society will undergo a change, the stiff joints that disable free movement will be loosened, although it might be painful at first. The structures which were built to benefit a specific group of people will be brought into question and the unequal division of power transformed.

This planetary combination is sometimes called ‘the one who grinds you down’. Pluto will make sure to push us hard enough to release all the outdated and unnecessary attitudes, thoughts or objects. Yet, Saturn does not like change. Expect times of resistance, running into obstacles and blocks, feeling frustrated and hopeless.


It might be difficult, but there is no turning back. A new cycle means a new beginning, rebirth, new opportunities. A next chapter. Collectively and personally we are in need of such transformation, even if consciously we think everything is fine. The Capricorn energy of this conjunction will enable us to build solid foundations upon which a new world will be based. It is important to approach it slowly and mindfully, not rushing it, but taking out time to build something that will last and will not crumble as the time goes.


The last Saturn Pluto conjunction happened in November 1982. Just think about how many things have changed since then. Perhaps some of you reading this have not even been born at that time. Think about the society, the way people lived, the way people approached different subjects. It is difficult to keep building new, fresh structures on old, outdated foundations.


In fact, this conjunction makes me think of the Tower card in Tarot. A time of upheaval, jumping out of that crumbling tower, saving yourself from what will sooner or later hurt or even kill you. We can no longer keep building a tower that keeps shaking and crumbling. We need to let it fall, learn from it and start a new one. It is just like the tower of Notre-Dame engulfed in flames. You can do nothing but stare at it, scared but mesmerised, and watch it fall. Once the fire consumes all the excess and unnecessary elements, it is time to begin a new building, one which will be suitable for the needs of the modern society.

The lead-up to this conjunction can be clearly seen in recent events- we are slowly awakening to realise who is really in power and whether they use this power wisely. We come to understand that the tower which was meant to give us shelter and help us, is imprisoning and limiting us. It is not working for us, but against us.

Some of the examples include the misuse of handling personal data, urging the politicians and big companies to notice and act regarding global warming, the Me-Too movement exposing powerful men who were abusing their position. As a society we are starting to notice that many of our leaders are no longer, or never were, fit to lead us. We realise the system is not supporting us, the common people, but the elite. The wealth distribution and inequalities around the world are the prime example of it. We are looking for new ways of dealing with the reality and our current problems.

So far, it seems that the recent scandals and issues were just a couple of bricks, falling on the heads of those whose intentions were not set for the common good. We still have the tower standing though. Who will refuse to jump out and will be buried underneath it once it collapses for good?

I guess we have to wait and see.

One thing is for sure- we are standing on the precipice of change and the new world order is being built in front of our eyes. In fact, we are building it ourselves, brick by brick.

This time let’s climb to the top hand in hand together, so that we can all share the beautiful view.


This blog was written by Kat Wojdyla

Kat volunteers as a receptionist on Fridays at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre. She has studied astrology here with the Scottish Astrological Association.