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Elizabeth Titterton is a medium at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

Astrid Jansen

About Astrid Jansen

Astrid is a Holistic Therapist with a particular interest in energy healing. She trained for 4 years in her journey of Reiki completing her masters and teachers level of Usui and Seichem Reiki. She has worked with people from all walks of life and volunteered her time helping out in the community in places such as Buddhist meditation centres as well as several holistic centres.

She is passionate about our ability to heal naturally, something which she takes from lived experience with chronic illness. This has also taught her the importance sharing her knowledge with others in meaningful ways. She is also trained in Indian Head Massage which is a lovely complementing treatment to have alongside Reiki. She is currently undergoing Meditation Teacher Training and will be offering meditation classes and Reiki training in the future.

She looks forward to connecting with you.


About Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese alternative healing treatment used to balance energy throughout your mind, body and soul by aligning your chakras. The Therapist uses a combination of hands on and hands off healing often with crystals, singing bowls and drums to aid with healing if the client wishes. Reiki can promote relaxation and reduce stress and tension in the mind and body. The practitioner can use gentle hand movement to flow with the energy throughout the body and help direct energy to where it is needed and remove excess.


About Indian Head Massage

Astrid offers Reiki in combination with Indian Head Massage which can further promote healing and relaxation. Indian Head Massage can be carried out with or without the use of oils depending on the client’s wishes, this can help release tension and increase blood flow to the scalp. Indian Head Massage has been used for many years to promote relaxation using different massage and accupressure techniques on the scalp to help remove any energy blockages.