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Maimouna Ly

Holistic Practitioner


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 Maimouna is a Healer from generations of healers in her family, a Holistic Therapist and a Shaman.  She is also an Intuitive Artist and a Writer.

She is a woman committed to love, life, and the natural world, the same world we will leave to the next generations. She thrives on writing, singing, dancing and listening to music and she likes to spend time in Nature, in quiet and peaceful environments to restore her energy balance

During therapy sessions she offers, she also listens to you with all her love, heart, and integrity to help you reach where you need to be. Heavenly spirits, guides of light, and spirits of Nature might join the session, especially those of the totem animals that accompany her daily. They always manifest themselves with the greatest love, and they are always a gift to the receiver and her. She can use crystals, healing musical instruments and channelled songs to accompany the session.

She will act as a channel during the session to allow you to set out the self-healing process within yourself and give you energy and wisdom messages to help you in this dimension of life.

More about Maimouna

She likes to say: Forests fascinate me with their mysteries, sounds, movements, secrets, and all nature’s beings living there and communicating together. It is a resourcing and healing place for me.

We are all Co-Creators and please remember of your self-healing power!

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