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Elizabeth Titterton is a medium at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

Mandy Macdonald

About Mandy 

Mandy has been aware of her psychic sense since early childhood. In her late twenties, due to life-changing health issues, she decided to develop my interest in holistic therapies. Ten years ago she was drawn to a psychic awareness circle at the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology and discovered her natural hand-on healing abilities.

As her psychic awareness developed, she found that her connection with Spirit strengthened into mediumship. During this time she became interested in Trance Healing and Trance Mediumship and attended workshops at The Arthur Conan Doyle Centre with tutors such as Eammon Downey, Simone Key and Gordon Smith, alongside her development within a private Trance group which she continues to sit with.

Up until October 2019 she co-facilitated the Thursday afternoon Open Circle within the Centre, which involved conducting a relaxing thirty-minute meditation for the group then discussing their experiences and gently exploring their connection with Spirit. She continued to give Psychic Medium sittings at the Centre’s Monthly Mini Readings event, and she is excited to be able to offer Trance Healing also. To quote one of her Guides: “Spirit to Spirit, Soul to Soul, Together We May Create The Healing Towards The Whole”


About Trance Healing

“Spirit to Spirit.
Soul to Soul.
Together we May
Create the Healing
Towards the Whole”

Trance Healing is a form of Spiritual Healing and a Complementary Therapy. You can choose to be comfortably seated or relax on the therapy bed to receive the healing. Mandy will tune into
the Spirit world to channel energy through her hands and will direct the energy where it is needed within or around your body. Note that Mandy will only need to touch your shoulders to accomplish this.


About the Mini Spiritual Reading

For the Mini Reading, Mandy will connect with you on a Psychic level for general information about you. Usually, a Spirit communicator will step forward to give a short message. Mandy is experienced in these readings and is also a member of the Spiritual Workers Association.




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