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An Evening of Mediumship | Elizabeth Titterton & Craig Morris

21 February.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Sandra Aetheris Evening of Mediumship in the sir arthur conan doyle centre in edinburgh

21st February 2024 | 7.30pm until 9pm | £6 | Online via ZOOM


Connection, Love and Reassurance

Elizabeth and Craig invite you to join them online for an evening of Mediumship, bringing  the spiritual and earthly worlds closer to one another.  By offering evidence and messages from Spirit, both Mediums hope the connections bring much comfort to those who long to hear from loved ones, friends or pets.  

What to Expect

At an evening of mediumship, the medium acts as a bridge between Spirit and the physical realm. Once they have a connection, Elizabeth and Craig will pass on messages to their intended recipient. Both mediums will demonstrate for approximately 45 minutes each.

Please note that this is an online event. 


Sandra Aetheris is part of an evening of mediumship for the sir arthur conan doyle centre

About Elizabeth Titterton 

Elizabeth Titterton is a Clairvoyant Medium from the beautiful Mull of Kintyre, on the west coast of Scotland. Her Celtic roots have played a vital part in her developed link with Spirit. She has been aware of her connection with Spirit since early childhood and has said she became very aware of her link after both her Grandfather and her pet dog Heather passed when she was a child. Both passings had a profound effect on her. Elizabeth soon realised that physical loss only emphasised the spiritual connection, which strengthened after each loss of those dear to her. Her Mediumship has taken her to USA, Canada and Ireland and other far flung corners which she has always been very thankful for when working on behalf of Spirit.

Elizabeth is also a Medium with The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre where she regularly demonstrates and runs workshops along with offering private readings and running the Open Zoom Circle. Elizabeth feels that compassion is at the heart of all she offers spiritually. For her, it is important that her work for Spirit is always offered in a heartfelt and personal way to those who cross her path. She feels very privileged doing her work for Spirit.

Sandra Aetheris is part of an evening of mediumship for the sir arthur conan doyle centre

About Craig Moris

Craig started his journey with spirit when his granddad passed over in 2009, whilst working as cabin crew for an airline. Craig’s dream career was to fly as a pilot but it seemed that the spirit world had a different plan for Craig. He booked to see a medium after an incident one night at home when he first became aware of the presence of his Nan. The medium told Craig that one day he would become a medium himself.

Craig very much believes that we never stop learning. Over the years of taking part in various workshops, seminars and courses Craig was invited to a closed circle run by Janette Abbott. During the years Craig sat with Janette he also took part in her workshops along with her husband Tim Abbott.

The spirit world often has plans for us here in the ‘living’ world, and as Craig made the decision to leave his day job and devote all his time, training and attention to his journey as a medium, he booked tickets to see Derek Acorah and The Rev. Colin Fry on the platform in a theatre some considerable distance from home. After the show he stayed behind and met the two mediums. During the conversations that followed, The Late Great Rev. Colin Fry invited Craig to come with him and work alongside him on the platform on his 6ixth Sense Celebration Tour.

Craig had the privilege of working with Colin on tour in various places around the UK and abroad including Crewe, Gibraltar, Cornwall, Spain, Weston-Super-Mare, Cannock, Yeovil plus many more. Craig continues his work in memory of his friend, colleague and mentor The Rev. Colin Fry with his demonstrations of mediumship, bringing you not just the evidence that your loved ones are around but the comfort and presence from those that have passed on to the spirit world.

Home (craig-morris.co.uk)


21 February
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
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