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Julie Haines | Yoga Nidra | In Centre

13 July.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

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Yoga Nidra Workshop

with Julie Haines

13th July| Spiritual Yoga, Meditation Workshop | 7:30 PM until 9 PM GMT/BST | £20 In Centre


Meditative Yoga for Health and Wellbeing. 


The ancient art of Yoga Nidra is not like typical Yoga. With a scientific foundation and a rich history, this is a mediative experience like no other. Join Julie Haines in centre and learn why Yoga Nidra is sweeping across the world.


The literal Sanskrit translation of Yoga Nidra is ‘yogic sleep’, which is an apt description.  It is a form of deep meditation, performed while either sitting or lying down and completely relaxed. During a 90 minute session participants are guided by a teacher into relaxation; systematically their physical body in led into something like hypnotic regression, allowing it to ‘sleep’ while the brain moves from everyday consciousness into Delta brain waves, and remains alert.  Delta brain waves are an important part of brain restoration encountered when sleeping or deeply relaxed. In this state the anxious part of the brain is sleeping, and the rest can recover from stress.


Once relaxed, you are open to deep spiritual experiences; the mind and soul become open to outside influences and to your own inner voice.


The benefits of Yoga Nidra are mental, physical and spiritual. Many people find the experience enlightening and emerge from it with a clear sense of purpose. Medical science has also shown Yoga Nidra practice can aid in reducing high blood pressure, releases endorphins. A 90 minute session has been proven to be the mental equivalent of six hours of deep sleep.


Julie Haines has studied Yoga Nidra extensively and achieved certification in her practice of it. She is also licensed with the International Yoga Alliance to teach.

This is one of three events Julie is doing at the Centre this week. Find out more by clicking below.

joan frew at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

About Julie Haines

For more than 30 years, Julie Haines was a decorated international business executive who worked in more than 80 of the poorest and most war-torn countries in the world for the US Government. During her travels, she encountered mystical people, experiences, and “knowing” that would unleash her soul toward a spiritual unfolding that would ultimately change her life.  Julie uncovered her innate ability to see and command energy, time travel, and communicate easily and fully with spiritual beings. And, to her delight, she uncovered an ancient truth: that we share the same intuitive abilities.


In 2018, she opened the Lightwell Center, a 62-acre mountaintop women’s retreat center in Virginia, USA to offer readings, coaching, and empowering courses to students worldwide to allow them to reach their spiritual potential and unleash their own soul’s power. Julie is a certified psychic, trance medium, and channeler of the Akashic Records.  She is a registered Yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra guide, and a Reiki energy practitioner.  She received certification from the Edgar Cayce Center as a Past-Life Regression Hypnotherapist and offers both past-life and future-life services. Julie brings the best of both worlds together with her unique Sophic Soul Solution Coaching program and Soul-Sense Success Intuitive Life Coaching readings and programs.  When she is not teaching and traveling the world, she lives with her husband, Dave, and two lovely dogs in the shadow of the Blue Ridge, Virginia, USA.




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