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Six-Week Saturday Morning Meditation Course with Malcolm Clark | In Centre

5 February.10:00 am-12:00 pm

Saturday Morning Meditation with Malcolm Clark in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
Saturday Morning Meditation with Malcolm Clark in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

Six Week Course

Steps to Reflexive Self-Consciousness
and Meditations in Applied Reflexive Self-Consciousness

Starts 5th February 2022 | 10:00am until 12:00pm | £60 (Full Course)


Six-Week Meditation Course

All sincere individual Meditation, regardless of orientation and tradition, aims initially at the expansion of consciousness, and ultimately Reflexive Self-Consciousness.

Meditation which aims at less than this is self-involved, private and leads only to egoic mental manipulation and ego identification, with all the limitations which this implies. No ultimate enrichment of soul and spirit eventuates. The individual becomes progressively more cunning and versatile in private purposes and offers little to advancement and enhancement of Consciousness in themselves or in others.

Meditation which aims at Reflexive Self-Consciousness brings the individual progressively towards and into total self-determination and freedom. Reflexive Self-consciousness brings the individual into
correspondence with total reality, and maximum self-response-ability; the expansion of consciousness enabling greater true-Self understanding at the level of the Unifield and Macrocosmos.

This Course shows a beginner’s way of approach to the writing RELEXIVE SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS by Eugene Halliday, along with a range of ways of individual Meditation approach to applying the writing. It introduces a practical and clear orientation for those who would like to understand what Reflexive Self Consciousness is, and how to approach its development in themselves

If you attended any of the initial introductory sessions in 2021 please contact us for your £10 discount if we have not contacted you already.


General Course Outline

+ What is Consciousness?
+ Modifications of Consciousness.
+ Identification and Breaking Identification.
+ Reflexivity of Consciousness.
+ Eastern and Western Meditation applications of Reflexive Self-Consciousness
+ Meditations on the Physical Body, including Vital Centres
+ Meditations on Emotional States, including Psychology
+ Meditations on Ideas, Concepts and Systems of thought, including Philosophy
+ Meditations on Principles of Transcendence, including Religious & Faith processes
+ Meditations on Art and Symbols
+ Meditations on Will and stages of Sentience, Awareness and Consciousness


Course Suitability

This course if for those who:

+ have a genuine interest in understanding the process of Reflexive Self-Consciousness.
+ would like to study and apply the writing by Eugene Halliday REFLEXIVE SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS.
+ would like to practice certain exercises which work to develop Reflexive Self-Consciousness in themselves.
+ are interested to understand the relation between the Mind and the process of Reflexive Self Consciousness in themselves, in practice.
+ are interested to apply the process of Reflexive Self-Consciousness in many stages of Self Awareness from the Physical Body to Consciousness of Consciousness itself


What to Expect


Each week of the Course participants are provided with Rationale, Technique and Practical Application Exercises.

+ This Course is open to all and has no experiential pre-requisites.
+ Course time: minimum 2 hrs/week, 6 consecutive weeks
+ Course taken as an organised Group or as Private Lessons (for those unable to join the group).


Prerequisite Suggestion


It is to the advantage of each participant to read at least some of, if not all of, REFLEXIVE SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS by Eugene Halliday. The book in soft-cover or Kindle may be purchased via the
website, or read online at the same address. https://reflexiveselfconsciousness.com

Saturday Morning Meditation with Malcolm Clark in the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

About Malcolm Clark

Malcolm lives in Edinburgh Scotland and works across United Kingdom. He’s been teaching Meditation and the associated Practices, Arts and Study disciplines, almost full time, since 1984.

Among many arts and interests, Malcolm is a long time practitioner of Classical Yoga and the many Meditation methods therein. He also has a strong grasp of the Western practice traditions.

As the founder and director of Melbourne Yoga & Meditation Centre in Australia since 2001, he has in addition travelled, lived, studied and taught in both North & South America, U.K. & Europe, India and East Asia. Apart from teaching over 20,000 professional studio class hours of Yoga, Meditation and the philosophies which back them, he also shares deeper metaphysical insights about Reflexive Self-consciousness from which he has developed countless meditation methods and practical disciplines.

It is certain that without a Study and understanding of the background ideas, the deeper motives and disciplines behind the world’s practical Yoga & Meditation traditions, the practitioner will only develop a shallow and ephemeral experience, attain limited value, and benefit only over a short or transient period of time. A competent and lasting individual practice is founded on a genuine clear understanding of true ideas and disciplines.


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If you have any issues, please contact us directly. In order to ensure your query is dealt with efficiently and appropriately please do not contact the class leader. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

Full Six Week Course



5 February
10:00 am-12:00 pm
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25 Palmerston Place
Edinburgh, EH12 5AP United Kingdom
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