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Virtual Event

An Evening of Mediumship: Fredrik, Joan and Mitch Shirley

21 November.7:30 pm-8:30 pm

Virtual Event

Mediumship Demonstration

By Fredrik Haglund, Joan Frew and Mitch Shirley

21/11/2020. 7.30pm until 8.30pm. £5 via ZOOM.


Weekly Evenings with Spirit

Join us for a special evening with Spirit. Every week, we host experienced mediums who combine their energies to bring forth messages from the other side.

A mediumship demonstration can bring comfort and joy to many. Even if you are not looking for a message from Spirit, you are welcome to come and share in the great energy. Find the peace that comes from witnessing evidence of life beyond death.

What to Expect

First, the mediums will connect with Spirit. ‘Spirit’ refers to the dwelling place of souls who have passed on. A medium is a a bridge or crossover between this realm and ours.

Then they will listen for messages. Mediums may receive messages in different ways. The senses are important: a medium may hear, see, smell or even taste something that is pertinent to the message they have to deliver. Every message is unique.

The mediums will then deliver the message from Spirit to the intended recipient. Messages normally come from a place of love and reassurance and bring comfort. Once a message has been delivered, the mediums will disconnect from the Spirit world.

How to Access Online Events

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Season Pass Available

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joan frew at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

About Joan Frew

Joan Frew is from Troon on the beautiful west coast of Scotland. She is a well-known Spiritual Medium, Reiki Practitioner, Teacher, Psychic and also a Holistic Therapist who offers many types and combinations of treatments – Reiki, Sound Therapy and Crystal Healing to name a few.

Joan has always been drawn to all aspects of Spiritualism, but it was only after she attended a week-long course in Stirling, with the Scottish Spiritual College, that the Spirit World and experiences from her earlier years all began to make sense. After this, the world of Spiritualism opened up very quickly and being eager to learn more, she began attending weekly development circles and courses through the Arthur Findlay College, Arthur Conan Doyle Centre and several other Spiritual Churches. For Joan, Spiritualism felt like truly coming home. In fact, it was at the Arthur Findlay College, early in Joan’s development, that her Tutor, Thelma Francis, told her that one day, she would teach.

Whether providing a Spiritual or a Psychic reading using cards, platform work or in private readings, it is the evidence and information that only the recipient would know that makes her work as a Medium worthwhile. To feel the love of Spirit is a blessing, to be able to share it with others is the gift from Spirit.

Her website is here: https://www.earthstartherapies.co.uk/


About Fredrik Haglund

Fredrik Haglund is an authentic man of Spirit. His journey has carried him through various experiences which he loves to share with the rest of the world.

Fredrik runs a spiritual development class at the centre which has helped many people find and develop their own unique spiritual gift.

His passion and commitment to working with Spirit is admirable. He works without ego and only to ensure that he provides a strong bridge between Spirit and those who need to receive a message.


About Mitch Shirley

Mitch’s early experiences of the presence of spirit came as a child. Often being scared by the presence of a large energy behind him ( not realising that he was feeling & sensing for something), not understanding what was happening to him.
On many occasions watching things happen even though he knew they would unfold as he had seen previously.

It was when Kathryn’s development was taking place, that Mitch’s own journey began- she asked him to sit and come with her to Longton Spiritualist Church. Eventually, he did and so a very quick development took place, 18 months after walking into the new church, through the tutoring & guidance of Paul Jacobs (Then President of Longton Church)., Mitch began taking services and providing private sittings in his own right.
This help will always be acknowledged & appreciated by Mitch, who also began his service to the spirit by taking church services & working with Paul in Switzerland as well as teaching at Longton church. To receive the help & support from Paul Jacobs was not by chance and gave Mitch the foundation he needed to work on the evidence that both he & Paul strive to give to those who are searching for answers. This started in 1995 and since that time many hours of linking with the power of God & loved ones returning to establish they have survived physical death has followed.

Mitch has continued to demonstrate his ability to be the communicator for loved ones as well as teaching others the reality of the spirit and helping people develop themselves and their awareness of infinite life with purpose. Delivering emotional evidential communication will always drive Mitch’s mediumship & guide his personal development through the years to come. His personal love and interest in teaching from spirit communication have developed his philosophy & understanding.


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21 November
7:30 pm-8:30 pm
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The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
25 Palmerston Place
Edinburgh, EH12 5AP United Kingdom


The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
0131 625 0700

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