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Tuesday Talks | Hans Busstra | Online via ZOOM

8 March.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Tuesday Talks

Hans Busstra

8th March 2022 | 7.30pm until 9.00pm  | £6 | Online


From Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Mythology- and Back Again

Hundreds of years after quantum mechanics encountered consciousness, the link between the two still remains. To quote physicists Bruce Rosenblum & Fred Kuttner, authors of ‘The Quantum Enigma’, a ‘skeleton in the closet’ of modern physics. 


Together with the Essentia Foundation, Busstra is developing a documentary series that aims to get the ‘enigma’ out of the closet and to make clear how quantum mechanics points to metaphysical idealism as a promising alternative to metaphysical materialism. One of the biggest pitfalls in navigating this subject however, is the fact that the philosophical debate around quantum mechanics has become polarized. Whereas nearly all the early quantum fathers pondered on the question which role mind plays in our universe -linking the empirical findings of quantum theory to eastern philosophies of non-duality- doing so nowadays has become controversial. 


Documentary filmmakers have played a part in this. For instance, pseudo-scientific movies like ‘What the bleep do we know’ popularized ‘quantum mysticism’ which  created an allergic reaction in the physics community, resulting in a mild taboo around the deeper meaning of quantum theory. ‘Shut up and calculate!’ seems to be the prevailing attitude. 


Can documentary filmmakers instead of polarizing the debate, constructively add to it?  What could be a way to share the metaphysical implications of the quantum enigma with a lay audience whilst remaining fully scientific? In this talk Hans Busstra will share his view that what is needed is a form of ‘quantum mythology’ instead of ‘quantum mysticism’. Communicatively, the power of myth over mysticism is that it captures transcendent truth through story instead of emphasizing the subjective first person experience -as mysticism does. But in creating powerful ‘quantum myths’ it is necessary first to redefine how we look at mythology, to see myths as ‘more than allegory’. 


Inspired by Bernardo Kastrup’s work (‘More than Allegory’ and ‘A Rationalist Spirituality’) and work of filmmakers such as Werner Herzog and Christopher Nolan, Busstra shares his filmmaker’s look on quantum mechanics and takes us along in his search for untold quantum myths that -unlike quantum mysticism- can go hand in hand with the theory, or, as Busstra hopes, even add to it.



Join us at 7:30 PM BST via ZOOM. The Tuesday Talk will last for around 45 minutes and is followed by a live Q&A.

You can purchase a ticket online for £6.00  or you can call us on 0131 625 0700 to book over the phone. Season passes are available and grant access to all the New Year 2022 talks for a heavily discounted price.

hans busstra

About Hans Busstra

Journalist and Filmmaker

Hans Busstra is a journalist and filmmaker. He holds a MA degree in International Relations (University of Groningen) and graduated in documentary filmmaking at the Dutch Film Academy in Amsterdam. He has worked for numerous public broadcasters in The Netherlands (VPRO, KRO, NCRV, EO) with a special focus on science and technology and his documentaries are being screened on international festivals and platforms such as IDFA, and Amazon Prime. His VPRO Backlight documentary ‘Zero Days’ on the legal trade in security leaks led to parliamentary questions in The Netherlands, and his investigation on how ISIS recruits online, ‘Cyberjihad’, was the Dutch submission to the Emmy Awards in 2017. In 2020 he made ‘Technology as a religion’, a critical documentary on the materialist assumptions of the proponents of conscious AI. The documentary featured interviews with Roger Penrose, James Lovelock and Bernardo Kastrup. As a follow up to this documentary he is currently working in collaboration with Essentia Foundation to research a new documentary on the potential of idealism to replace materialism as our mainstream worldview. His research findings will be published as articles and a podcast series on the Essentia Foundation platform.


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8 March
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
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The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
25 Palmerston Place
Edinburgh, EH12 5AP United Kingdom


The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre
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