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Letting the Light In Platform Mediumship | Elizabeth Titterton | In Centre

11 November, 2023.10:00 am-4:00 pm

Betty Jane Ware offers private readins via Zoom

Letting the Light In Workshop

with Elizabeth Titterton

Sunday 11th November | Mediumship Workshop | 10 AM until 4 PM GMT/BST | £55 | In Centre


Build your Platform Mediumship

Illuminate your path toward Platform Mediumship. 

Join Elizabeth Titterton, Medium and teacher, for this unique workshop. This is ideal for those with some understanding and experience of Platform Mediumship. 

What is Platform Mediumship

Platform Mediumship is a form of spiritual communication where a Medium connects with the spirit world to relay messages to an audience in a public setting, typically a large gathering or event. The Medium acts as an intermediary between the living and the deceased, conveying information, guidance, and sometimes validation from departed loved ones or other spiritual entities.

The Platform Medium begins by entering a meditative state, raising their vibration to attune to the higher frequencies of the spirit realm. This allows them to establish a link with the spirits present and access the information they wish to convey. Mediums often describe this process as receiving impressions, images, feelings, or even hearing voices or words from the spirits.

During a Platform Mediumship demonstration, the Medium may address the audience and ask if there are any individuals seeking to connect with their deceased loved ones or receive messages from the spirit world. As members of the audience respond, the Medium will then attempt to make a connection with the spirits associated with those seeking communication.

Platform Mediumship serves several important purposes:

  • Comfort and Closure: For those grieving the loss of a loved one, receiving messages from the departed can provide a sense of comfort and closure. Knowing that their loved ones are still around, supporting them from the spirit realm, can be healing and uplifting.
  • Validation of the Afterlife: Platform Mediumship can act as evidence for the continuity of life beyond physical death, offering solace to individuals who may be uncertain about the existence of an afterlife.
  • Guidance and Insight: Spirits may share messages of guidance and support to help individuals navigate challenges or important decisions in their lives.
  • Healing and Emotional Release: The experience of connecting with departed loved ones can facilitate emotional healing and bring about a sense of peace for those left behind.
  • Spiritual Growth: Platform Mediumship events can serve as an opportunity for spiritual growth and exploration, encouraging attendees to contemplate the nature of life, death, and their own spiritual journey.


joan frew at the sir arthur conan doyle centre

About Elizabeth Titterton

Elizabeth Titterton is from the beautiful Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.   Elizabeth  has been aware of her connection with Spirit since childhood and her mediumship has taken her to the USA, Canada, Ireland and various parts of the UK. 

Elizabeth has been fortunate  in her development having had significant mentors along the way.

She sees the importance of truly speaking from the soul when offering messages from Spirit.  She is a Medium with The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle  Centre in Edinburgh where she regularly demonstrates, offers readings and runs workshops.  She also helps run The Open Circle on Zoom. 

She looks forward to new connections which await her. 


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