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Private Tarot Readings | Audrey Yeardley | In Centre

9 June.10:30 am-3:45 pm

Betty Jane Private Readings

Private Tarot Readings

with Audrey Yeardley

9th June 2023| In-Centre | 10:30 AM until 3:45 PM | £45

Look at Life Through Rose-Tinted Glasses

The Wheel of Fortune favours the brave. What will it bring into your life? Whatever it will be, look at it through rose-tinted glasses with the help of Audrey Yeardley and her Tarot readings.

Audrey Yeardly is back for a Day of Readings at the Arthur Conan Doyle Centre and her Colour of the Day is Rose. As a colour, Rose relates to compassion, love, intuition and femininity. This gentle, soft colour brings to mind a romantic evening with a pink sunset and a promise of something beautiful about to blossom. Unconditional love and tenderness are expressed in each of the petals of a rose. Let the charm of the rose guide you, whether you are inquiring about love, career or friendship.

Audrey Yeardley is an Astrologer, and an intuitive Tarot reader. These readings will offer you direction and advice.

Every half-hour session is an opportunity to understand more about yourself and/or connect with Spirit.

Private Readings serve many purposes. We are all unique and have different spiritual needs. Whether you are looking for insight into your own energy or a connection with Spirit, a private reading provides access to something greater than yourself.

Book a slot today and you will receive a private tarot reading with Audrey.

What to Expect with a Private Reading


What’s a Tarot reading?

The reader will use Tarot cards as a diviniation tool to provide insight into your present circumstances and the choices you have available. Read more here.


Audrey Yeardey Tarot Reader

About Audrey Yeardley

Audrey Yeardley is an Astrologer, an intuitive Tarot reader and Consultant Member of Mind Body Spirit Professionals Ltd. 

She uses her intuitive guidance and integrity to help you to reach where you need to be.

Her work is to act as a navigator, inspiring you to believe that your future is a myriad of great possibilities.

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