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The Healer Within | Karen Frances McCarthy & David Schiesser | Via ZOOM

1 November.7:00 pm-9:00 pm

The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy
The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy

Short Course

The Healer Within

Starts 1st November 2021| 7:00pm until 9:00pm | £80 For Full 4-Weeks | Online via ZOOM.


The path to self-healing and the healing of others.

Karen Frances McCarthy MA CSNU & David Schiesser DSNU lead a four-week course for those who wish to heal themselves and others. Inspired by healers, such as the renowned British healer, Harry Edwards (‘the Healer of the Century’), this course will teach you how to attune to and blend with the healing power of the ancestors, healing guides, and ultimately all consciousness.

To access the healer within is to be in harmony with universal healing power. This in turn allows you to offer great but humble service to those in need.

This course offers an understanding of the different levels of attunement from which can pour profound healing for body, mind and spirit. Blending in a state of harmony and oneness with the Source allows healing energy to flow to and through you to where it is needed most. This can be used for self-healing or the healing of others. It forms a powerful practice in which you also expand your innate healing power and find the healer within.

Those who receive healing often report that they felt:

+ Pain relief.
+ Stress reduction.
+ A lessening of anxiety or depression.
+ A soothing of the heart.
+ Calmness of mind.

Over the four weeks, you will explore different types of healing. You’ll work on transferring healing by physical touch and distance/absent healing. You’ll learn how to include the knowledge, wisdom and guidance that exists within the divine energy of life.

During practical exercises, you will receive and offer healing for your own and others’ highest good and wellbeing. This awakens the spirit within to the healing need of the body, soul, and mind.

As the course progresses, you’ll be led into a deeper level of attunement to work with the guides or ancestors on an even more profound level. Reaching a deeper union with the ancestors, healing guides, and universal consciousness intensifies the collective vibration and offers a powerful way for you to access the highest healing energy available.

During exercises you will likely feel physical sensations such as heat, electricity, or tingling where healing is being received. It’s likely that you’ll have spiritual and emotional experiences that offer tranquillity. In the end, you will have a deeper understanding of how to work with others for their highest good.

Over the four weeks, The Healer Within teaches you how to achieve deeper states of mindfulness and then the altered states of consciousness needed to increase your healing ability to help yourself and others. It incorporates teaching and practical exercises and guides you to a path to self-healing and spiritual growth.


What to Expect

This 4-week course of 2-hour classes introduces you to practices to access your innate ability as a healer. Work through teaching and guided meditations.

This course is progressive and can not be taken as single classes. Once you have committed to the course we do not offer refunds. This is to encourage you to see your journey through.

Suitable for all levels. All sessions recorded.

Course Breakdown

The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy

1st November 2021 | Week 1 |

+ The first week focuses on guided meditations to learn how to reach an altered state (or alpha state) of attunement to universal consciousness.

+ David will give a talk on the different types of healing, how to conduct Spiritual Healing, and the energy involved in the process. Both instructors will talk about some well-known healers though history and how they worked.

+ Participants will be guided through a mediation to reach an attuned or receptive state in order to embody the subtle energy of the healing power of the universal consciousness.

+ Class finishes with sharing, questions, and feedback.

The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy

8th November 2021 | Week 2 |

+ Class begins with a gentle meditation to quieten the mind and spirit and become both connected and present in the moment.

+ Participants will be guided along a journey to meet the individual healing intelligence which resides within the universal consciousness to gather messages for their own healing or path to being a healer.

+ Class finishes with sharing, questions, and feedback.


The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy

15th November 2021 | Week 3 |

+ Lecture on mysticism, its history, language, and tools used to access the power of the mystic.

+ Includes how some of this naturally manifests in peoples’ daily lives and how it can be harnessed to help you on your path and in dealing with others.

+ This week’s practices will work with understanding colour, symbolism, and imagery.

+ Do a supportive guided meditation.

+ You will go into breakout rooms to experiment and explore these practices and concepts with each other.

+ Class finishes with discussion

The Healer Within with Karen Frances McCarthy

22nd November 2021 | Week 4 |

+ Class begins with a gentle meditation to quieten the mind and spirit and become both connected and present in the moment.

+ Participants learn to use symbolism and work with healing guides and ancestors to enhance the energetic and spiritual power of both the healer and the healing.

+ Continuing to work in pairs, participants will begin to attune to sense mind/body/spirit issues in themselves or a partner that may be in need of healing.

+ Group healing practice to send healing to those present, friends and family in need, and the world at large.

+ Sharing, questions, and feedback.



“Karen is a gifted teacher who understands how to guide her class properly. Her method of teaching is very Zen and relatable. Therefore it is very easy to understand her and when one does not understand, she is very patient to explain. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from someone this talented.” ~ Maggie Moise, New Jersey

“David Schiesser is an extremely gifted medium and healer, as well as an extraordinary teacher of mediumship and healing. He has a genuine love and passion for his teaching and a genuine interest in and concern for his students’ development and success. He is an outstanding communicator, as evidenced by the excellent quality and clarity of his instruction and the congenial rapport he develops with his students. Engaging and inspiring, he provides valuable techniques and promotes an atmosphere of safety which empowers students to take risks and go beyond what they thought possible. I have attended several of David’s lectures and workshops, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a dedicated, talented professional. It is my great pleasure to recommend his classes.” ~ Rev. Susan Cahill, Sparta, New Jersey

“Karen’s class was great! Extremely knowledgeable and warm, Karen clearly explained any concepts that we didn’t understand. She also set the tone for a warm, safe atmosphere for us to explore our intuitive development. I am really looking forward to the next class.” ~ Doug Hammond, New York

“I cannot say enough good things about David’s teaching. For me, most valuable is his ability to read a student’s energy and determine where that student is at any given moment. This feedback enables me to make helpful and important adjustments in that moment. David has a great sense of humor and the entire experience is very positive, uplifting and inspiring. I enjoy every moment of my time with him and recommend him to anyone interested in developing their potential.” ~ Denise H., UK

“I just finished an online class that was really excellent… as have all the classes I’ve taken with Karen. I found the tips and techniques that Karen shared extremely helpful. She has a very clear way of presenting her material, is always open to questions, and makes the experience a very comfortable and pleasurable way to learn.” ~ Ann Newgarden, New Jersey

“Karen is a wonderful spiritual teacher, healer, and a genuine human being. I have taken several courses and had a private reading from her, it’s always a pleasure to work with someone who is vastly knowledgeable, intelligent, compassionate, and connected.” ~ Juliet Tang, New York


Karen Frances McCarthy Mindfulness and Mysticism

About Karen Frances McCarthy

An international, progressive medium, healer and best-selling author, Karen grew up steeped in the Celtic mysticism and spiritual traditions of Ireland. As a child, she communicated with spirits. As an adult, her desire to be of service evolved into a passion for social justice and the pursuit of truth, which led her to a career as a major media political journalist and an embedded Iraq war correspondent. A tragic loss became the catalyst that brought her back to spirituality, particularly Eastern philosophy, and working with the mediumistic faculty she’s had since childhood.

Since then, Karen has undergone years of intensive training at the world-renowned Arthur Findlay College in England and holds three awards, Certificates of Recognition, in mediumship, Spiritual healing, and public speaking from its governing body, the Spiritualist National Union. To further understand the complexities of grief, she obtained a Diploma in Bereavement Counselling from the Institute of Counselling in Scotland.

In her work today, she blends compassion and loving kindness with ethical mediumship by fusing this work with her many years of Buddhist practice. She has taught workshops at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre in Scotland, the Edgar Cayce Center of New York City, the Spiritualist National Union of the UK, and other centers in the U.S. and Ireland.

Karen is also passionate about writing for mindfulness and spiritual transformation. Her best-selling book, Till Death Don’t Us Part: A True Story of Awakening to Love After Life (White Crow Books, 2020) is a true and transformational story of a former journalist’s extraordinary journey from skepticism, through tragedy, to awaken to the knowledge that her dead fiancé is communicating from the hereafter. It has received considerable media attention and was a #1 New Release on Amazon. She has appeared on numerous podcasts, including New Realities with Alan Steinfield, New Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove, and in print, including Forbes, the Irish Times, and Psychic News.
In television, she has written and produced documentaries, including producing Alchemy and The Crystal Cave with Deepak Chopra. She continues to write feature articles for Salon, HuffPost, the Irish Times, Beliefnet, among other publications. Her first book The Other Irish (Sterling, 2011) was supported by Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs as a cultural outreach effort in Ireland’s cross-border peace process. It resulted in her being named one of the top Irish female broadcasters who have made an international impact.

She is currently a PhD candidate, studying the cultural narrative informing the unambiguous ghost in contemporary ghost literature, at the prestigious Russell Group University of Birmingham in the UK.


Please Visit Karen’s Website


David Schiesser DSNU

About David Schiesser

David Schiesser DSNU was born and raised in Switzerland but is now living in the UK. David is a medium who not only works passionately as a healer, speaker and teacher but also holds public demonstrations of mediumship and private sittings around the world. For David it is of utmost importance to understand the process and mechanics of mediumship and this is shown in his achievements and the way he teaches his students – down to earth, feet firmly on the ground and nurturing – allowing students to grow in their own time and helping them to gain understanding to unfold their own individual potential.

David is a Diploma holder in Demonstrating Mediumship a certified Healing Medium from the Spiritualists’ National Union, and holds various certificates in teaching demonstrating and healing mediumship. And his education has not stopped yet, he is currently working on his diploma in healing as well as in teaching.

After attending over a decade at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK, which offers residential education within most aspects of mediumistic development, he was invited to join the tutor training program. David now teaches residential and online courses at the Arthur Findlay College and the Barbanell Centre in the UK, the Journey Within Church in NJ and other centers. He serves churches around the world and teaches a range of classes in the UK, Switzerland, Austria, and America, as well as the renowned Zwanenhof in the Netherlands, which was featured in the Netflix series, Surviving Death. His greatest passion is to include the aspect of healing within all avenues of mediumship.

Please Visit David’s Website


Book Your Place

Book your place on this course below. This is a progressive course where each week will build upon what was learned the week before. Single classes are not available. Please note: once you start this course we are unable to offer refunds. This is to encourage you to see the work through.

You will complete your purchase via Eventbrite. The ZOOM link will be available on the Eventbrite page.

If you have any issues accessing a class, please contact us directly. In order to ensure your query is dealt with efficiently and appropriately please do not contact the class leader. All bookings are subject to our terms and conditions.

Full 4-Week Course



1 November
7:00 pm-9:00 pm
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