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Tuesday Talks | Helena Daly | Online via ZOOM

21 June.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

Tuesday Talks

Dr Helena Daly

21st June 2022 | 7.30pm until 9.00pm  | £6 | Online


Death’s Shadowy Beauty: Exploring Transpersonal Dreaming and In-Between Encounters

From within deep waking moments, in a state dwelling between the realms, a natural ordinary yet extraordinary state of consciousness manifests. This subtle state is ordinary in the sense that everyone regularly passes through this state from sleeping to waking, and extraordinary in terms of the role it serves in helping to understand the phenomenon of dreaming as a useful means of accessing knowledge, guidance and healing. Ancient dream healing practices regularly accessed this state, knowing it to be a liminal third state of being in which information about subtle reality and death could also be gained. The roots and fruits of this intermediate state lie deep in sleep and dream, through experiential states of being that open there. In allowing these incredible experiences to lead the way, several will be described and reflected upon, alongside some visual representations to help further illustrate these phenomenal occurrences.

This talk is offered in the spirit of open, reflective inquiry and discussion, to help try and better understand these types of transpersonal events. My own approach will be touched on—a rounded perspective that naturally integrates solar and lunar forms of consciousness. It is a circular way of seeing that helps bridge the gap between the worlds—the daylight realm and the other hidden side of life that we silently live through every night—the dark nocturnal realm where inner perceptual life is transmitted from within sleeping-dreaming depth.


Join us online on the 21st of June 2022 for this insightful talk. 


Professor Christin Fergusson talks about the Land of Mist at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre

About Dr Helena Daly 

Helena Daly, Ph.D., worked as an independent practitioner in the field of death and dying for many years in San Francisco, while pursuing her doctorate degree which focused on transpersonal dreaming and waking states of consciousness. Her dissertation “Shadowy Beauty: The Art of Hypnopompic Inquiry” was a hermeneutic-phenomenological study of the dream-waking state and non-ordinary dreams of numinosity that manifest there. She was awarded the Esalen Research Scholarship for her transpersonal dreamwork and its relation to post-mortem survival.

For the last few years, Helena continued to work in this capacity as a spiritual and psychological care practitioner in hospice and palliative care, in Ireland. She holds a special interest in end-of-life experiences (dreams, visions and death-bed encounters). During the last few weeks of 2021, she returned to San Francisco, to her home away from home, where she is currently finishing her book “Between Worlds: Subtle Life in Dreams, Dying and Death”— a creative work that in fact started there. She also works as a part-time freelance writer, educator and practices dream therapy.

Recent publications include an essay on the dream-waking state for Paradigm Explorer—a Journal for the Scientific and Medical Network, based in London, (Sept 2021), and forthcoming expanded article in a special dream issue entitled “Dreaming on the Edges” for Revision: A Journal of Consciousness and Transformation, CA (Spring 2022). Helena has also written several reflective blogs and short articles on dreaming and related topics for more general readers, with many more in the works. Her book will be published in the spring of 2023.

Other qualifications include MA Counselling, BA Psychology and RGN.








Between Worlds: Subtle Life in Dreams, Dying and Death

This revelatory book is about a little-known, neglected altered state of consciousness with a larger-than-life meaning. It is a book full of stories and experiences about death-related events and encounters experienced in sleep, dream and in-between upon awakening.

We all pass through this state on coming out of sleep, when partly dreaming and partly awake. It was known in the ancient world as a potent, spiritual state where in higher states of awareness, embodied knowledge, healing and guidance was accessed and received. The modern world, on the other hand, while retaining an interest and fascination with dreams, has largely lost contact with the riches of the inner world and has little knowledge of the powerful, healing modality that is the dream-waking state. Academic, scientific and medical communities have lost touch with the deep spiritual and symbolic effects subtle dreaming and waking experiences carry, how they impact the creative and visionary imagination, and how these inner events inform a deeper, more expansive understanding of consciousness.

This book lays bare extraordinary transpersonal events and encounters experienced from deep within and in-between the realms, and their life-changing transformative effects. With each passing chapter, the importance of an embodied, spiritual receptivity is highlighted, and just how instrumental this is in helping open out a deeper understanding of the value of naturally occurring altered states. It is a book that will appeal to the open-minded, curious, reflective soul, and anyone with an interest in dreams, dying and death—and who may themselves have had exceptional dreams and unusual waking encounters, impossible to forget.

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21 June
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
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