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Tuesday Talks | Penny Hayward | There is No Royal Road | Online

18 October, 2022.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

There is no Royal Road

Penny Hayward

18th October| 7.30pm until 9.00pm  | £6 | Online


Penny’s journey into Spiritualism through the development of her mediumistic abilities lead her to find some of the philosophical questions she was seeking ‘answers’ to.  During this talk she would like to share her spiritual philosophy: There Is No Royal Road…

It’s fair to say we operate within the physical & spiritual law, we have our human nature & spiritual nature.  Through this life, we become more or less aware of our natures.  Nevertheless, our soul is on a journey, we all have the opportunity to improve, change, learn and grow, within any limitations and boundaries, whether we are born into them or they are self-imposed, or not. 

No matter how privileged someone else may seem in your perception, they are still bound by the same laws and limitations. It’s very easy to assume that someone with lots of fame and or money has it all. However, their difficulties are bound to be different.  Perception is a personal thing and it is your ‘reality’.  That does not mean it is an accurate representation, it’s just a perspective you have on someone or something based upon personal experience, judgement, knowledge and opinion.

Whatever path you have walked so far has brought you to where you are in terms of human nature and spiritual nature.  What you gain, or not, from each experience shapes you and your perceptions.  We are all works in progress, some will take shorter routes, some longer, windier or more or less colourful.  No one’s path is better or worse.  They all lead to the next destination… the spirit world.

Death is a great leveller that comes to us all. We all lose people we love and will miss them. We all come to our time to depart this world and step into the next. Bittersweet, for we will leave those we love in this world, and yet be reunited with those we love in the next world. How famous, poor, popular we were, or not, in this world has no major relevance in the next world. For it will all come down to how we lived life, how we grew (or not) in our spiritual and human nature, because there is no royal road…


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About Penny Hayward

Penny’s journey towards becoming a mentor and tutor was through her personal exploration. She wanted to understand who she was, how she fitted into this world and like a lot of people, she had big questions; what’s the point; where am I going; is there more to life than ‘this’? Her conclusion became that there is more to life than ‘this’ and there was more to her than she thought or imagined.

This led to the discovery that – she is a medium – inspirer – mentor.

Through developing her psychic and mediumistic abilities she discovered more about herself than she had through anything else. It expanded her mind and lead her into Spiritualism which started to answer some of the big questions she had. It wasn’t just the exploration of these psychic and mediumistic abilities; it was compelling her to philosophise, research, to look within as well as outside of herself. For her, the exploration of mediumship and Spiritualism has more to offer than evidence of the continuation of life beyond our physical world and understanding. It led to healing her Soul. It brought her Peace. It leads her beyond the limitations she put on herself.

Penny was born in Australia and relocated to England in 1999. She is now based in County Durham, UK, after spending many years living in the south.

She joined the Spiritualists’ National Union as a member in 2010, and holds a Diploma (DSNU) in Mediumship and Teaching Mediumship & Spiritualism. Her most recent achievement (2018) has been being approved as a tutor at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK, she is also pleased to say she teaches at other online and physical venues/ retreats around the world. 

You can buy her CD of Spiritual exercise, The Soul Is The Compass, here:



Find out more about Penny on her website here: https://pennyhayward.co.uk/



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18 October, 2022
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
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