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Tuesday Talks | Paul van Leeuwen | A Crash Course in Quantum Physics and Consciousness| Online

20 September.7:30 pm-9:00 pm

A Crash Course in Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Paul van Leeuwen

20th September| 7.30pm until 9.00pm  | £6 | Online


Although ignored by materially-minded physicists, Quantum Physics supports the idea that the mind is primary and creates or manifests matter. In this talk, we will explore whether this could explain supernatural phenomena. 

The double slit experiment of Thomas Young in 1800 proved something very strange about light. Fringes of light, a pattern of coloured bands, appear when sunlight is shone on two narrow slits. This is the result of wave behaviour. Therefore light could not be the small hard particles anymore proposed by Newton. Fifty years later James Maxwell showed that oscillating electric and magnetic fields (EM) carry energy and propagate like waves with a speed that was equal to the speed of light. Fifty years later again, Max Planck found that if he assumed that electromagnetic energy was exchanged in utterly small energy packets with an energy proportional to its frequency, he could fundamentally explain the behaviour of hot glowing matter. The energy of those particles would not diminish with distance.

From that moment till now we have had two conflicting theories of light: waves and particles.

At the same time, physicists were beginning to study the atoms of matter. Atoms were found to be composed of a positive nucleus orbited by negative electrons. Only certain very precise electron orbits seemed to be allowed. These electrons could not exist between those orbits, not even for an infinitesimally short time. It was experimentally confirmed that electrons, particles of matter, behaved like waves, which explained these precise orbits.

So, light and matter behave as both particles and as waves.

Schrödinger found the mathematical formula expressing this wave behaviour of electrons. But now the question was about the stuff of this wave. The best explanation that was given was that it was a probability wave. This means a probability of finding the particle at the location where you are looking for it. This is the quantum collapse, a wave of probabilities ending abruptly when we do an observation.

The debate over the physical cause of the quantum collapse is still raging, already since more than 100 years of physics science. That’s because physicists who believe in a matter-only universe can’t accept the idea that it is the consciousness of the observer that is collapsing the probability wave into the observed particle. Above that, probabilities are not matter. They exist only in our minds.

Advanced double slit experiments confirm that the information we can gain from an experiment determines the locations where the particles, be they light or matter, appear in our instruments. Entanglement (two or more particles with a common history staying instantaneously connected over galactic distances) has been experimentally confirmed many times. If it is the information we possess about these particles that cause their entanglement, the quantum collapse by the observing mind hypothesis becomes strongly confirmed.

If then, conscious observers do manifest or influence reality, what happens with multiple observers? Does each manifest their individual reality? Or is there only one observer observing the universe? Could supernatural phenomena simply be reality manifested by one mind and therefore unseen by others?

Join us for this insightful talk. 


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About Paul van Leeuwen

Paul J. van Leeuwen was born in The Hague in 1948. Physics was his favourite subject in high school. He graduated in applied physics from Delft University of Technology in 1974. In those years the attention to the meaning of quantum physics was not what it is nowadays. It simply wasn’t discussed. After eleven years of teaching physics and mathematics at high school, he switched to ICT consultancy where he worked until his retirement in 2013. Later in his ICT career, he also received a Masters of Science degree in knowledge technology (transferring human expertise and experience into an information system running on a computer).


Around 1975 he had an unmistakable ADC with an animal, a cat. The story is described in his book in one of the appendices. It was a profoundly shocking event which planted a little but solid seed in his already existing interest in paranormal phenomena. But this would, only after his retirement in 2013, really develop in his study of the connection between quantum physics and consciousness.


His understanding of this connection resulted in enthusiastically receiving post-academic courses in quantum physics for non-physicists. The contents of these courses, and more, were laid down in a book, initially published in his native language, Dutch: ‘Kwantumfysica, Informatie en Bewustzijn’ (Quantum Physics, Information, and Consciousness). The Dutch book sold well over 2000 copies and is still selling. So, he decided that there had to be an English translation because the message of quantum physics is that consciousness is the primary stuff of the world. This has enormous and important implications for how we live and die and what happens with the mind after we die. The materialistic view of the world cannot be maintained seriously anymore by open-minded thinkers. The English edition of his book is supplemented with the latest knowledge in quantum physics.


He has a website Quantum Physics & Consciousness: https://quantumphysics-consciousness.eu/ (choose English) where visitors can follow a guided exploration on the subject: https://quantumphysics-consciousness.eu/index.php/en/quantum-physics-consciousness-and-information-the-double-slit-experiment/


You can buy his book, Quantum Physics is NOT Weird. It is how our consciousness creates our reality, online here.

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20 September
7:30 pm-9:00 pm
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